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Better Communication Needed on All Levels
February 26, 2010

These days, we are so darn connected. We get buzzed, vibrated, rung, poked, texted, pinged and Twittered every second of the day. Communication comes in so many forms and fashions, we can really communicate quickly and efficiently. Then why the heck do people not return calls and e-mail?

Most complaints we handle at the BBB involve a breakdown in communication. Nothing makes customers madder than someone at the business ignoring repeated attempts at contact.

We constantly reach out to businesses to keep our records up to date, and the response is not very good. Messages are left on voicemail, then eaten in the night, never to be answered.

What happened to courtesy on the way to this mega connection we have at our fingertips? When did it become the norm to ignore phone calls and e-mail?

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