Secure Your ID Day: Shred Paperwork You No Longer Need

April 05, 2013

Identity theft is an enormous problem, but there are a number of steps you can take to secure your personal information.

Over half of identity theft victims can trace the theft to something that was stolen from their possession. So here’s the first rule: If you don’t need it, shred it – responsibly. Better Business Bureau is urging businesses and consumers alike to take advantage of BBB’s Secure Your ID Day featuring free, on-site shredding on April 20, 2013.

This year, more than 40 BBBs will offer free, on-site shredding to consumers and businesses. Don’t know what to shred and what to keep? Here’s a quick run-down:

· Keep for three years: bank statements, expired insurance policies, employment applications, and more

· Keep for seven years: invoices, cancelled stock certificates, payroll records, withholding statements, and more

· Keep permanently: deeds, mortgages, tax returns, audit reports, insurance records, legal correspondence, property records, and more

Check out our full Records Retention Schedule online for more details.

Businesses, do you know how to protect your customers’ data and privacy? Learn everything you need to know with BBB’s “Data Security – Made Simpler.”

BBB hosts “Secure Your ID Day” twice a year. At last year’s spring event, 41 BBBs shredded more than 774 tons of sensitive documents free of charge.

For more information on BBB’s Secure Your ID Day and for a full list of participating BBBs, visit