New Year’s Resolution

January 19, 2011
People routinely include a commitment to fitness in New Year’s Resolutions.  Your BBB and consumer protection groups caution you to avoid scams that will only reduce your weight  by lightening your wallet.The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus recently recommended that Reebok International Ltd. discontinue certain claims for the company’s Easy Tone Shoes.

The Federal Trade Commission has stepped up enforcement of actions against products making unsubstantiated health claims.  Advertisers promote products that melt fat, cure chronic conditions and improve overall health.  Consumers should apply a degree of skepticism and good common sense before spending money on products or programs that claim health benefits.  The keys to a healthy lifestyle continue to be a good exercise program and a calorie appropriate nutrient balanced diet.

Your BBB suggest you steer clear of "too good to be true" advertisements for miracle drugs and treatments. These ads which feature exotic potions and pills, special curative diets, or "newly discovered" treatments, contain questionable claims about the effectiveness and safety of these products or services.  More information about medical scams is available here.