Happy Anniversary, BBB Scam Alert!

August 02, 2013

It’s been two years since Better Business Bureau launched BBB Scam Alert, a weekly e-newsletter with information about the very latest scams. In 2012, Scam Alert became part of BBB Scam Stopper, a consumer education program developed by BBB in partnership with Western Union.

Since the launch of BBB Scam Alert, consumers have been warned about more than 100 scams, including phishing, identity theft, election-related fraud, door-to-door swindles, the grandparent scam, robo-calls, and charity scams following tragedies and natural disasters. Some scams reference the latest technologies (real or imagined) to peak your curiosity; others refer to irresistible images (like the royal baby) to get you to click.

Scams all have one thing in common: a crook who wants to take your money in one form or another. Check out BBB Scam Stopper to learn more about scams and the techniques scammers use. Sign up for BBB Scam Alerts and other BBB news delivered right to your in-box.

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