Don't Be Fooled by Rumors that Facebook is Charging

October 16, 2012

Rumors that Facebook will start charging are as old as the social network itself. But recently the old stories have taken on new life. Just don't believe what you hear... or read on a friend's wall.

How the Scam Works:
You spot a message on your Facebook friend's wall that saying that Facebook is going to start charging users a monthly fee.  The latest iteration claims a new pricing structure will have different membership tiers, starting with "gold" level for $9.99 per month.
However, the post says, you can avoid any fees by just sharing the message. Post it on your wall and your "icon will turn blue." This color change will exempt you from the new charges.
facebook scam

Here's another version of the same scam:

facebook scam

The posts above are really more of an annoying hoax than an actual scam. But be wary of any such posts that contain links or ask you to download software.

I Think I've Found a Scam. What Should I Do?

  • Tell your friend! These scams circulate because users think they are doing their friends a favor by sharing them. Refer your fiends to Facebook's common myth's page for confirmation.
  • Make Facebook aware of the fake messages by reporting it as spam. Check out Facebook Help Center's scam page for details.

For More Information:

Check out Facebook's Help Center for information about common scams and advice for avoiding them.

To find scams in your area, check BBB's scam directory.