Bank of America Asks Consumers to Join Them in Expressing Thanks to Military Service Members and Veterans This Fall

September 19, 2012
Continuing its long history of support for active members of the military, veterans, and their families, Bank of America has launched a campaign that will raise up to $250,000 for Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). Titled "Express Your Thanks," the broad-ranging campaign asks consumers, employees and sports fans to make simple gestures of gratitude that will each generate a $1 donation from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation*. "Express Your Thanks" launched on September 11 and will continue until Veterans Day. 

The centerpiece of the campaign is a website that will collect images and messages of thanks to service members and veterans. To participate, individuals can take a photo or write a message and share it on Alternatively, they can upload a picture via Instagram or Twitter and tag it with #troopthanks. The images uploaded to the website will be turned into a patriotic digital mosaic.

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