Shopping for Prom? Watch Out for Phony Online Dress Shops

April 27, 2012

Before buying a prom dress online make sure you're not ordering a counterfeit!

What does the scam look like?
Hundreds of teens nationwide fell victim to counterfeit dressmakers and phony online stores. After purchasing what they thought were designer dresses, teens received poorly made knockoffs or never received the dresses at all.

Most of these fake stores are located overseas, with many in China. Although the Department of Homeland Security has gotten involved, it is hard to keep track of all of these sites since they pop up so quickly. The government is working hard to shut down as many as they can.

Tips to avoid the scam:
• Shop for dresses at a retail store
• Compare prices on multiple websites. If one site is selling dresses for considerably cheaper prices, that should be a red flag.
• Call customer service for more information.
• Check out BBB's review of the business

More information
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