New BBB Resource Helps Businesses Avoid Scams

August 09, 2011
Has your business been the victim of a scam? Don’t feel bad – we have, too. Just last week, BBB issued a scam alert about a business that is charging for dispute resolution services and then just passing the complaint along to a local BBB, which would handled it for the consumer for free.

Scams used to be aimed solely at consumers who were duped into spending money on goods or services that were never delivered or inferior products that did not live up to promises. Increasingly, businesses are becoming victims of online scams. Copycat websites make it easy to disguise “phishing” operations as a legitimate online presence.  With bloggers, Twitter, and unfiltered consumer ratings sites, a business can find itself with a damaged reputation overnight, almost before they know they’ve been hit.

We recently launched Scam Source, which not only includes BBB information on various scams and fraud, but also aggregates information from legitimate online new sources. We want this site to become the first stop for consumers who want to check out an offer that sounds too good to be true.  Hopefully, as consumers get savvier about online scams and schemes, we will see fewer companies being victimized, too.

If your company has been the victim of a scam, please let BBB know. Scam Alert includes a simple form you can use to alert us of scams or fraud in your area. Please let us know if you hear of a scam we don’t yet know about, and especially if your company is the victim of a scam. Scam alerts are also included in our e-newsletter, which you can sign up for here.