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Don't be Fooled by Beauty Pageant Scams
April 02, 2010

The Richmond, Virginia BBB is warning residents about beauty pageant scams.

While some beauty pageants may be legitimate contests, others have scammers behind the operation and are charging outrageous entry fees. In one instance, a local teen received a letter that she was already a finalist but needed to pay $240 upfront to attend a training session and a slot in the pageant, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  More money was needed later to cover additional fees.

BBB offers these tips for parents and teens interested in participating in beauty pageants: 

  • Do your research: find out how long the company has been involved with pageants, names of directors, if the business is 'for profit,' and where the business is located.
  • Make sure you know the costs associated with the pageant, including entrance and chaperone fees.
  • Learn about the judges participating and review their qualifications. 
  • Ask if refunds are available if you plan to withdraw later and examine the criteria used to decide the winner.

    Consumers can also check out BBB’s reliability reports online or download the BBB’s Accredited Business Locator so you can avoid being scammed. Read the full article at Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Read the full article at Richmond Times-Dispatch.