About Us


The second century for BBB begins with a great achievement. BBB Serving Mexico starts operations in 2014, with implementation of programs across the country, including sponsorships and funding, public relations and consumer education, and the administration of industry self-regulation and training programs. The BBB will also accept applications for accreditation from businesses located in select service areas, including:

  1. Mexico City and Metropolitan Area
  2. Tijuana
  3. Cancun
  4. Merida
  5. Los Cabos
  6. Monterrey and Metropolitan Area
  7. Queretaro
  8. Ciudad Juarez
  9. Guadalajara and Metropolitan Area
  10. Puebla
  11. Veracruz

Why now? Mexico is a growing economy (currently the 14th largest in the world) with emerging middle income households. Under NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico is a primary trading partner of both the United States and Canada. Leading Mexican businesses and multi-national companies are expanding their footprint in Mexico and these businesses are seeking trusted suppliers. At the same time, young and educated middle class consumers are looking for businesses they can trust.

What is the vision? BBB is a proven leader in industry self-regulation and in promoting an ethical marketplace. In our fast-paced North American economy, expanding self-regulation can complement existing laws; help educate all market participants; and keep rules flexible enough to support innovation and help businesses remain competitive.

Who are the members of the Mexico founding team? The founding team of the BBB serving Mexico has a comprehensive knowledge of the Mexican marketplace and has executive experience in consumer rights, economic competition and regulation. This team is committed to deploying BBB standards and trustmarks to enhance trust in the marketplace through training, self-regulation programs, best commercial practices and a dispute resolution program. BBB will expand its website to Mexico, including Business Reviews, tips, scam alerts and other useful information for both consumers and businesses in the NAFTA region.

Bernardo Altamirano is president and CEO of the non-profit organization Buró de Mejores Prácticas Comerciales S.C. Prior to this he was head of the Consumer Protection Federal Agency (Profeco) in 2011 and 2012. As civil servant, he also served in an executive level in different public agencies: the Office of the Presidency, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Internal Affairs and the Mexican Representation to the European Union. He has a BA in law from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), where he also pursued studies in economics. He also has a graduate degree in Internal Public Law from the University of Paris and a Masters in Public Administration and Public Policy from the London School of Economics. He is a Lecturer at the Law Department of ITAM where he teaches a course called “Enterprise, the Competition and the Consumer.” He is an opinion leader in regulation, competition and consumers rights, and has a regular presence in the media, particularly in articles in Reforma. He can be reached at baltamirano@mexico.bbb.org

José Jarero is vice president in charge of communications. He was chief communications officer at Profeco, the Consumer Protection Federal Agency (2011-2012), and he also served in executive positions in the Federal Institute of Access to Public Information (2005-2010); the Office of the Presidency of Mexico (2003-2005); the Mexican Representation to the European Union and the Embassy of Mexico in Belgium and Luxemburg (2001-2002); and liaison director at the Reform of the State Studies Commission in the Transition Team of the Elected President Vicente Fox (2000-2001). José is also a well-known entrepreneur in the hospitality world who owns three restaurants, an ice cream parlor and a food distribution company in Mexico City. He has a degree in Business English Studies from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, and a BA in Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Iberoamericana. He can reached at jjarero@mexico.bbb.org

Adla Karam is the chief operational officer. She has a law degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana, and has attended seminars and diploma courses in citizen participation, formulation and evaluation of public policies and governmental messaging. She began her professional career as assistant to the tenth councilman of the city of Torreón, Coahuila. She has served in the Office of the Secretary of Public Education, the Office of the Mexican Presidency, and the Office of Social Care for Victims of Crime. In June 2012, she was appointed senior advisor to Mexico´s Secretary of the Interior. Her experience in the public sector has allowed her to become an expert in citizen and consumer services and she has a wide knowledge of procedures, operations and social analysis. She can be reached at akaram@mexico.bbb.org


Jorge Paz is chief of staff for BBB Mexico. He has a BA in Political Science and Public Administration from the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and counts over 10 years of professional experience in federal and local governments, as well as in political parties and civil organizations. In government he has served director of policy analysis at the Consumer Protection Federal Agency (Profeco), as assistant director and head of department in the President´s Office, as well as an advisor to the City Clerk of Toluca. He can be reached at jpaz@mexico.bbb.org


This achievement would not have been possible without the support of many people, especially Carlos Martinez, an important part of our team and an invaluable supporter of consumer rights and marketplace trust in Mexico. Thanks to all, you will forever be part of BBB Mexico.