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Employment Scams
Employment Scams

Employment scams generally start with a too-good-to-be-true offer—work from home and earn thousands of dollars a month, no experience needed—and end with the consumer out of a "job" and out of money. Whether it's a secret shopper scheme, work-from-home scam, or a phony offer of employment, job-related scams are the worst because they can dash your hopes and steal your money or your identity.

It's easy for scammers to create email, websites and online "job applications" that look very professional. Be cautious of anyone who wants to interview you only over the phone, who asks you to wire money for supplies or other upfront expenses, or who asks you to fill out an online form that asks for personal data like your Social Security Number or bank account. Be especially cautious of offers that claim you can make big money with no experience necessary. And, never wire money to secure a job offer.


Here are some tips from Western Union to help you avoid employment scams.


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