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Dispute Resolution Rules and Brochures

BBB uses different procedures and rules to resolve disputes on behalf of consumers and businesses. 

The Common Sense Alternative walks you through the basic dispute resolution options and procedures.  

Rules of Mediation brochure explains the mediation process and role of the parties and mediator(s).  

Rules of Arbitration (Conditionally Binding) explores the arbitration process and special considerations when the customer is not legally bound to abide by the arbitrator's decision.  

Rules of Arbitration (Post-Dispute) covers the arbitration process and important considerations for both parties to review before opting to submit a dispute to an arbitrator for final resolution.  Rules introduced Sept. 1, 2010.

Rules of Arbitration (Binding) for Pre-Dispute Arbitration reviews the arbitration process including information about the commitment both parties have made to resolve the dispute in arbitration.  Introduced Sept. 1, 2010.