Dispute Resolution Processes


The principal options for dispute resolution are conciliation and abitration.

Conciliation: In conciliation, BBB staff helps the customer and business communicate so they can resolve their dispute informally.  BBB staff will provide information about the complaint to the business and pass along offers made by either side to solve the problem.  They can effectively present the customer's views to the business and offer the business' viewpoint to the customer in a neutral way. Conciliation, which usually occurs by telephone or mail, frequently settles the matter simply and quickly.

Arbitration: In arbitration, the parties state their views at an arbitration hearing, offer evidence, and let an impartial third party from  BBB's pool of certified arbitrators make the decision that will end the dispute.  The arbitrator is trained to listen to both sides and weigh the evidence presented at the hearing.  The arbitrator will make a decision about the dispute after the hearing is over.  Arbitration is a fast and inexpensive way to settle a problem and keep it out of court.