BBB Warning: Doesn’t Deliver

BBB has received 48 complaints against Npodz over the past three years, and failed to respond to 40 of them.
April 03, 2014

Computer keyboardOnline Retailer Fails to Respond to More than 40 Complaints

Wallingford, CT - Better Business Bureau is cautioning consumers about online t-shirt retailer  

In their complaints, consumers allege t-shirts they purchased from the site were never delivered, that the company sent a notification email that items had been shipped, though the merchandise never arrived and that they received shipping and tracking information that could not be verified.

BBB has received 48 complaints against Npodz over the past three years, and failed to respond to 40 of them.  The company has an “F” rating with BBB.  Better Business Bureau serving Wisconsin, where the company is based, attempted several times without success to contact Npodz to resolve the underlying cause of the pattern of complaints and respond to them.

BBB recommends the following tips when doing business with online retailers:

Check first - Look up their BBB Business Reviews at for detailed information about the company, including contact information and any pattern of complaints.

Verify - Don’t do business with an online retailer if you cannot easily find and verify a physical address and working phone number.

Pay securely - Be sure to only use secure websites with the prefix “https” rather than just “http.”  Use a credit card to pay for items you purchase online so that you can dispute the charges if there is a problem.  Bank debit cards do not offer the same level of protection as debit cards.  Never pay using wire transfer or prepaid debit cards, as these cannot be easily tracked or retrieved in case of dissatisfaction or fraud.

Comparison shop - Be wary of advertised prices that are much lower than retail or trusted online competitors.  Everyone is looking for a bargain, but tantalizingly low prices should be a red flag.

Pay close attention - Phony websites are scams designed to steal your credit card and other personal identifying information.  It’s easy to spoof the design, colors and text of legitimate sites. Look at the web address and avoid sites with “http” instead of the more secure “https.”   Look for spelling and grammatical errors and watch for area codes that don’t match the supposed physical location of the company.

Check for security seals - When shopping online, look for the seals of trusted organizations and confirm that the business’s use of the seal is legitimate.  It should link back to the certifying organization’s site.  If you see the BBB Accredited Business seal on a website, make sure it links back to the company’s BBB Business Review at

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