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Scammers are taking advantage of the cold winter weather by impersonating electric and gas company representatives. Scammers are threating residents and business owners with deactivation of service... u..
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Better Business Bureau has some suggestions for Target customers who are concerned that their credit or debit cards may have been compromised by the data breach announced yesterday morning.
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Con artists are impersonating popular church pastors. Once they gain a following, scammers use their influence to drum up donations for non-existent causes.
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A Microsoft phone scam has been making rounds, targeting computer owners in the state of New Hampshire. Complainants allege they receive a call from a supposed "Microsoft" employee who offers to repair ..
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The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office is issuing an alert to New Hampshire residents regarding a phone scam that has recently come to New Hampshire.
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Better Business Bureau of New Hampshire is urging consumers to use caution if you receive a collection call from ACS Legal Group, also known as Advance Cash Expert a..
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BBB of New Hampshire is warning consumers to watch out for text messages posing as bank alerts. The scam texts, known as smishing, asks you to confirm your bank account number in order to steal persona..
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Using a prepaid card is a convenient way to pay bills online without threat of risk to your bank account. But scammers have found a way to get that money from you too! Green Dot spokesman states, “Fraud..
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Seniors nationwide are reporting scam phone calls informing them that a new Medicare card is in the mail. Hang up on suspicious callers and don't fall for this attempt to obtain your personal information.
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The gift card text message scam is back with a vengeance this holiday shopping season. Shoppers across the country are reporting receiving spam text messages, called smishing, saying they won pricey gif..
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