BBB Offers Tips on Firework Safety this Independence Day!

July 02, 2013

When Americans prepare for Fourth of July festivities, along with barbecues and pool parties, fireworks usually come to mind. Some consumers attend a community fireworks display put on by experienced professionals, while others purchase fireworks for their own private show. Though fireworks are beautiful and fun to watch, related accidents continue to occur each and every year.

Your BBB and The National Council on Fireworks Safety are urging consumers to practice firework safety to reduce the possibility of accidents:

  • Always purchase fireworks from reliable, established sellers. Check out a company’s BBB business review at Never experiment, combine or make your own fireworks.
  • Obey local laws. For information on the laws in New Hampshire, please visit the fireworks section of the New Hampshire State Fire Marshall's Office, or click here.
  • Only use fireworks outdoors and light one at a time. Keep water handy in case something goes awry. Never re-light a “dud” firework. Wait 15-20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water.
  • Know your fireworks. Always read the caution label and directions before igniting.
  • Use common sense and keep spectators at a safe distance from the shooter. Anyone shooting the fireworks should wear safety glasses.
  • Carefully supervise teens who are using fireworks. Only persons over the age of 12 should be allowed to handle sparklers of any kind. Sparklers burn at 2,000 degree temperatures and can cause burns to the skin.
  • After fireworks are done burning, pour water over them to prevent any sort of fire.
For more information regarding firework regulations and safety, visit the National Council on Firework Safety or the FAQs from the Division of Fire Safety.