Pin Your Consumers’ Interest – Pinterest Captivates the Visual Audience

March 02, 2012

Concord, NH (March 2, 2012) - Facebook Twitter and YouTube have dominated the world of social media. However, it's time to make way for a new, growing social media outlet that's perfect for small businesses - Pinterest. Pinterest is the new, flashy, way to share business logos, business products and the contributing content of other businesses and the like. Better Business Bureau offers business owners some tips to see if Pinterest is right for their business.

Pinterest is an online bulletin board that allows users to “pin” and organize images to specific categories of interest. When using it for business purposes, business owners can pin images of their business logos, business coupons and discounts, and other consumer-friendly images. Followers of that business can then like, comment or re-pin the image to their own boards, and continue on to the business site where the image originated. According to the retail deal site,, Pinterest has brought a 446 percent increase in web traffic to their business’ site.

“With enough followers and images, your ‘pins’ are sure to go viral,” said Robert Shomphe, President and CEO of the New Hampshire Better Business Bureau. “Getting eyes on your product is the key to a successful business. What better way than to use an outlet devoted to enticing viewers through images?”

When setting up a Pinterest account, business owners should consider the following:

Pinterest is a great way to spread the news and drive sales. Is your business having a can’t-be-beat sale on back-to-school items, shirts and shoes, flashy watches? Is your restaurant serving a new, delicious item on the menu tonight? Without getting too promotional, Pinterest can make these images catchy and fun.

Pinterest is perfect for those who like to share. Nobody likes a self-absorbed, over-sharer, but on Pinterest your business can not only share the images that pertain to your business, but the images of other users as a way of saying “Hey, I find this funny and it relates to our mission, too. Check this out!”

Is Pinterest right for your business? Since Pinterest doesn’t technically have any “business” features on their site yet, and their boards are more visually based, it may be hard to lure in potential customers, but it may be worth a shot. Social media is a growing attraction to all demographics and if your business wants to keep up with the times, BBB recommends trying new social media outlets to enhance your brand visibility.

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