New Year, Same Resolution

January 06, 2014
Concord, NH (January 3, 2014) - If you are anything like me, you may have had to loosen your belt a few notches after one too many pieces of pie this holiday season. Although the National Institute of Health (NIH) states that individuals only gain a pound over the holidays, many of us feel as though we gained five or six.

So what can you do to de-bloat after the eggnog, prime rib, and New Year’s Eve champagne? If your plan is to join a fitness center like the rest of us, BBB recommends saving the fast pace for the treadmills and slowing down to carefully read your contract.

Across the country, Better Business Bureaus have received more than 5,000 complaints filed against health clubs in 2013 alone. Of those complaints, 82 were filed in New Hampshire. Many of these complaints are a result of consumers signing up for a membership without fully understanding their contract.

If you are pledging to lose some pounds this year by joining a gym, BBB recommends asking a few questions before signing on the dotted line.

What are the terms of this offer? Gyms often use special introductory offers to lure in new members. Make sure you understand the terms and what the price will be once the introductory period is over.

Will my membership renew automatically? Many times people who join a gym do not realize that their contract renews automatically and that they have to take specific steps to cancel their contract.

How can I get out of my contract? Getting out of a gym contract is not always as easy as getting into one, so make sure you understand what steps you would need to take to cancel your membership.

What happens if I move? Gyms have any number of different policies when it comes to how moving will affect your membership. It might depend on how far away you move and if they have other locations nearby.

What happens if you go out of business? Ask the gym to explain what will happen to your money if they suddenly go out of business.

Can I get that in writing? Read the contract carefully and make sure that all verbal promises made by the salesperson are in writing. What matters is the document you sign, so don’t just take a salesperson’s word for it.