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Evergreen Management, Inc.

Phone: (603) 622-7000

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6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues2
Problems with Product / Service4
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints6

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Complaint Resolution Log (6)
09/26/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I am forced to file complaints against Evergreen Management/ ******** ***** ***** Association.

I have asked Evergreen Management many times to cease calling my home phone and contacting me by email. Evergreen continues to phone and email me even after Evergreen confirmed that I would no longer be contacted.

The history: I was the former owner of **** *** ******* ******* ******** ***** ************* **** ********** ** from 12/2003 to 3/2012, having sold my unit to one ******* ******** the new owner, in March 2012. Evergreen Management/ ******** unbeknownst to me has kept my private telephone number and email address. Evergreen Management within the past week has called my home 3 times now and emailed me regarding an issue at ******** ***** door about painting - I am not associated with nor own any condo at ******** ****** I told Evergreen to immediately cease calling my home and to remove my information from its computer system and confirm this request. Evergreen continues to call my home even after this request. Evergreen confirmed that it removed all information from its system. However, this past Friday at 4:00 and today, Tuesday, at 12:30, ***** ****** herself from Evergreen (who knew and communicated directly with me about removing my information) phoned and left another message at my home again about **** *** door painting. Evergreen confirmed that all my private information has been removed from their computer system, however the communications continue, to the point it reflects outright harassment and invasion of my privacy. I advised Evergreen I would notify the Hampstead Police Department if it continued to contact me.

By copy of this email, I am notifying the Hampstead Police Department of this harassment.

A complaint will also been filed with the NH Attorney General Consumer Protection and NH Better Business Bureau about Evergreen Management's harassment and unprofessional business practices.

Desired Settlement
(1) for Evergreen Management to cease contacting me (either by phone or email concerning ******** ***** ***** ************ **** *** ******* ******* **** ********** **** and (2) to confirm that all my personal information has been erased/removed from their computer system, etc. I have been forced by Evergreen to file this complaint based on their continuing unwarranted and unwanted contact bordering on harassment and invasion of privacy, which seems to be incompetence on the part of Evergreen Management. It is only because of Evergreen Management's continuing course of conduct in continuing its contacting me even after ***** ****** confirmed my personal information was removed from Evergreen's system that I have filed the complaint.

Business Response
Dear ********,

This is a response to case #XXXXXXXX. RE: ***** *********:

Ms. ********* is correct that Evergreen Management Inc. (EMI) had her phone number on file after she moved from ******** ***** ************* Around the time Ms. ********* moved, the association changed management companies and came to EMI. Roughly the same time, EMI implemented a new computer program and when the new owner of the condo (Ms. ******* ******** move in, she did not provide a phone number. With that phone number field being left blank, the new program imported the former owners phone number to the blank field. Hence EMI had the new owner information with the previous owners phone number. No solicitation of harassment took place. EMI was trying to contact what we thought was the current owner to implement a painting program for the association and coordinate the work with the unit owners. EMI apologized for the error both over the phone and in an email to Ms. ********* (***** ***** as attached as sent on 9/11/13, 4:31pm:

Hi *****,

I wanted to get back to you on your concern. We found the issue and it has a reasonable explanation. The combination of the input from your former management company to EMI and at the same time an internal computer program conversion, the new owner, ******* was in the system. But ******* did not provide her contact phone numbers so the system transported your numbers into the blank phone number fields.

This has since been corrected and your numbers are now out of the system.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

--**** ******, ******** of ********** ********

08/21/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I notified Evergreen of a crack in the front brick wall of my unit. A handyman "fixed" it and I notified water had leaked into the unit and still was.
Since I found black mold I had to gut the basement of my unit and after time and again trying to reach Evergreen management. I was finally contacted via letter that I was being fined for having a trailer parked in front of my unit! Not to return my several calls about the "repair" but about the trailer I need to bring in to haul away the demolition from the basement. I'm a handicapped 100% disabled veteran on fixed income and SSDI. I received the letter from a ***** ******* The very same gentleman I've been trying to get a hold of for the better part of 8 months. Terrible to deal with and now a 50 dollar fine!!

Desired Settlement
Remove my fine. And if they'll take responsibility help me fix my basement.

Business Response
BBB Complaint #XXXXXXXXX X ***************
July 30, 2015

Evergreen Management has detailed records of the basement activity taking place at 1************* **. The records start in December 2011 where the basement area had a professional crack sealing company perform foundation crack sealing. There were no calls after that service was performed to indicate any further leaking occurred. Different leaking occurred in August 2014 and upon inspection, the unit owner had a new door installed without the proper flashing, caulking and sealing. This area around the improperly installed door was allowing water to penetrate the basement area along with some mortar joints that needed touched up. Those mortar joints were touched up in August 2014 within 13 days of the original owner request.

Concerning the trailer parked on the lawn for construction debris, the ********************** Condominium Rules are very specific about trailers. The trailer also had a "for sale" sign posted on it. A letter outlining this infraction was sent to the owner on June 26th. Action was taken on the owner's part to remedy the rule infraction by moving the trailer off property and then immediately returning it. A second letter with a fine was sent on July 21st, 25 days after the first letter.

The Association Rules are very specific about such activity. Rule 6 titled Parking states in part: Paragraph 6.1: "No trailer shall be parked overnight within the Association without proper written permission of the Board of Directors." Paragraph 6.6: "Parking on non-asphalt areas is not permitted except as noted in Section 7.8." Rule 7 titled Motor Vehicle & Operating of Motor Vehicles states in part: Paragraph 7.8: "Parking on non-asphalt surfaces while moving-in or moving-out is permitted under the following conditions": Paragraph 7.8.2: "The vehicle used for moving must be removed immediately from any non-asphalt surface once the vehicle is either full or empty." Paragraph 7.8.3: "In no event may any type of vehicle used for moving be parked on any non-asphalt section of the Association between the hours of 10pm and 7:00am daily." Paragraph 7.9: "Violation of any rule in Section 7 may subject the offending vehicle(s) from being towed without warning at the vehicle owner's expense and/or a warning or fine being assessed by the Board of Director against the unit(s)"

In sum, the water intrusion issue from the Associations area of responsibility was addressed in a timely manner. The water intrusion from an improperly installed door by the unit owner would fall to the unit owner's responsibility. The trailer being parked on the lawn with a "for sale" sign on it for approximately a month's time is clearly in violation of the Associations Governing Documents.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Firstly, I was never made aware of a "professional" repair of the brick work in 2011. Secondly if it was a professional remedy to the crack in the mortar of the brick facade on the home. When I bought my unit in September of 2013 I mad 2 separate trips to Evergreen managements office asking procedure to improving my unit.
I did in fact have an actual contractor replace the damaged door and it was in fact properly fitted, caulked and a flashing was installed. I will also add that I am the only unit left or right in the building that actually has a rain flashing.
The gentle man who showed up for the repair was very confused when I asked the procedure he was going to use to fix the wall as I have documented work experience in hardscape using stone and mortar and several years of collegiate education studying aggregates and brick and mortar at the University of New Hampshire under the Civil Engineering program.
To top all of this off I sat with the "unqualified handy man" for over an hour and demonstrated that the entrance of water into my unit was several inched nearly half a foot bellow the bottom of the door and was in fact gaining entrance through the facade of the wall and absolutely not the cut out of the door.

The repair took several weeks to be addressed as if my calls had been ignored and when the "handyman" finally can he kept calling someone for approval over the phone. In our conversation he even said that this repair wasn't right but he had to do as told! After several weeks of water intruding into the basement a mold issue arose leading to me needing to remove most of my finished basement. And the wall was still leaking, badly during a rain storm. After having enough. I fixed in with a hydraulic cement properly. And as for the trailer... In my situation I needed to buy the trailer to haul all the debris to the dump. Ceiling, insulation, drywall, electrical, carpeting, lumber... all saturated and full of mold. I received a letter not to have my trailer "kept" at my unit so my hand was played yet again... I moved the small utility trailer across town in Goffstown and attached a "for sale" so I may sell it at my parents' home which they graciously allowed.
I brought the trailer back for 1 day to bring more demo to the dumb and I nearly immediately receive a 50 fine and am threatened to pay restitution for "grass"... I'm at a loss on all of this.
An untimely then poor repair to my home lead to mold issues and gutting of my basement.. All of which have been a tremendous financial and emotional burden. The rhetoric of the response is laughable in the Idea of scapegoating time frames, leave of professional who did work, and the best that it was the fault of poor flashing that lead to a leak. The flashing hasn't been touched since the front doors originally install but my suspected culprit was; the cracked mortar. Pure logic dictated that is one variable remained unchanged and had no impact on the outcome it cannot be the problem. The fact that this has all become a fight has lead me to file insurance claim and now looking for civil representation. In conclusion, I am a man of the highest integrity. When I received a letter to remove my trailer I did. I then brought it back for 1 day not I month. The leak and water intrusion in my home is very clearly not from any door flashing and upon inspection by anyone who has ever build or repair a home would clearly, very clearly see that. Trying for timely responses from out management group is simple erroneous in the response given here. It often has taken multiple calls, weeks, and multiple visits before action is ever taken. All of my statements and timeline are easily validated by neighbor within my building and the unit across from Building 1, Building 2. I will be having a contractor assessing the damages and to affirm the true point of intrusion. It is an absolute shame the way this association has treated this.

Final Business Response
BBB Case #XXXXXXXX *************************************
Second Response 8/7/15

The Condominium Associations documents read that the Association is responsible to remedy water intrusion to the foundation and the unit owner is responsible for the remedy of any damage as a result of water intrusion.

A work order will be issued to a qualified and reputable foundation water proofing company and the unit owner will be notified of this activity to again address the concern of water penetration.

Concerning the removal of the fine for the unauthorized placement of the trailer, the unit owner is more than welcome to appeal his case to the Associations Board of Directors in writing to the Management Company as the Board of Directors initially asked that the fine be put in place and the governing body of the association are the ones to determine if the fine stays in place or can be extinguished.

12/08/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My guest's car was improperly towed while displaying a parking pass as required. Evergreen management refused to reimburse me for these costs.

On November 13th my girlfriend left to go to work only to discover her car was towed even though she had a parking pass visibly displayed. We were required to pay $125 to have her car released. I spoke with an employee over the phone who told me to submit my towing receipt and that I would be reimbursed. After submitting my receipt I was told that the Board of directors has decided not to reimburse me for the improper towing.

Desired Settlement
Refund of the $125

Business Response
11/24/14 BB Case #XXXXXXXX Evergreen Management/ ********** **** ******* *******

Thank you for sharing your concern. At ********** **** *********** ************ there is a parking tag policy for all residents. On November 13th, your girl friend did not have her parking tag displayed where it is required for clarity and compliance. The tow company is to patrol tow and tow any cars that are clearly not tagged on the property. This is to alleviate the overcrowding by nonresident parking and for safety and security purposes for the community as a whole.

I spoke with the Evergreen Management staff and the message was relayed to you that the request for reimbursement could be presented to the Association Board of Directors for a vote for reimbursement. I cut and pasted the exact sentence that the Associations Administrator sent to you on November 13th, 2014 concerning reimbursement:

I will forward to the Board and let you know the decision.

I will cut and paste the Administrators' update to you on November 21st informing you of the Board's decision not to issue a reimbursement:

Good Morning ****,
I wanted to let you know that the Board of Directors has decided not to reimburse your towing charges.

I will cut and paste the Association Meeting Minutes section from March 19, 2014 that states the Board's decision to enforce the parking stickers:

Parking Tags: Management reviewed the policy for parking tags. After discussion, the Board unanimously moved to continue with the parking tag policy and tow any individual who does not have a parking tag in the window of their car. All owners should have 2 tags and 1 visitor tag. To purchase a tag the cost is $25.00/tag.

I will also copy as an attachment the memo sent to all owners on 7/14 reminding residents of the parking policy. If the memo does not become attached, it clearly states the process for parking tags, where they are to be located, and the consequences for noncompliance.

I have cut and pasted an excerpt from your email to this office on November 13, 2014 indicating what happened and why the parking tag was admittedly not where it was supposed to be in plain view in your girl friend's car.

I am a resident of unit *** at the ********** ************ located at *** *********. Last night my girlfriends car was improperly towed from the parking lot with a parking pass visible. The issue resulted from the fact that her pass had been inadvertently knocked onto the floor of her car during a recent detailing. The pass was visibly sitting on the passenger side floorboard at the time of towing and could easily have been seen with a glance through the window.

With all of the evidence presented, I believe you can understand why the tow company made the decision at the time to tow the car as the tag was not visible and was found on the floor of the vehicle when you went to retrieve the car. The notes above clearly demonstrate Evergreen Managements cooperation in the matter to present your case to the Board for a vote as the board has the vote on issues such as these. The evidence also points to notifications and policies stating the parking policy and its guidelines.

You may certainly appeal the Board's decision back to the Board to inquire if they may reconsider the reimbursement. But the ultimate decision will be in the hands of the Association Board of Directors.

08/18/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

My complaint is related to the poor manner in which Evergreen Management has chosen to resolve a billing issue, as well as a parking issue.
I purchased the condo as a second home in December of 2013. My realtor had said the condo associate would need 6 months of fees paid up front as part of the closing costs. After my first six months of owning the condo, I received my first bill, and it was for the total time I had been there, less one month, and it included late fees for each month. I immediately reached out to the condo association to inquire about this, and then I retrieved my closing documents. I had only been charged one month, but I had emails from my realtor, saying I would need to pay six months up front, and I asked the condo association to waive the late fees as a result of the miscommunication, as well as the fact that I had never once received a condo bill from them until I had been there for six months. They confirmed that all of the bills had been returned to them as undeliverable, and they offered no explanation of why they didn't then send the bills to my permanent address, or try to contact me in any other way. Paying bills is not a hardship for me, and I would have been happy to pay them on time, had I known the amount was due. It was a misunderstanding, and we shared in the blame. I should have noticed at the closing that I was only billed for one month of fees, and they should have made sure I was receiving my bills.

Secondly, my car was towed from the designated parking lot on two occasions when I had not been provided a parking permit. On the first occasion, I didn't even know a parking permit was required. There are two very small signs in the parking lot, and I had never seen them. Evergreen is under contract with a local tow company who has a per-negotiated rate which is higher than their normal rate, and one can only assume that Evergreen is profiting from the towings. Why else would a contract actually cost more than a standard tow in the city?

I had never been provided with parking passes, and as a result, I asked for them to reimburse me for the towing fees. They declined, but they said they would mail me out parking passes immediately, which they never did. The tow company assured me my vehicle was now on a "do not tow" list, and that I would be safe until my parking passes (which were never mailed) arrived. I know the passes weren't mailed, because I received a letter from them saying my request for parking reimbursement was denied, but not the passes themselves.

During this time period, my vehicle was towed again. This time, the tow company said it was because it was uninspected, and per the condo agreement, no uninspected vehicles are permitted to be parked in the parking lot. I have a company car, which was the vehicle in question. It is a new, high end vehicle, and most certainly not uninspected. The mechanic working on it had given it a clear, temporary sticker while completing work, and they had placed back up documentation in the glove box, explaining that it was a legal sticker. Both the CEO of my company, and the owner of the mechanic shop called the tow company to refute their claim that it was uninspected. The tow company then said it was towed because it didn't have a parking permit. I asked Evergreen to please intervene as both issues were false and completely out of my hands, and they refused.

As a result, I short paid the $1,900 condo fee bill they had finally sent me, by the amount of the two tows, as well as the late fees, so that I could continue the dispute.

As a response to my payment and my dispute, they then added an additional $200 "collections fee" to the late fees they had already sent me, and then sent me a total bill for $953, which was extremely inflated.

I cannot afford for them to keep tacking on arbitrary fees, while they lie about sending out parking passes, and participate in a towing scam to line their pockets. I paid the amount in full, and so now I am bringing my grievance to you. I have all supporting documentation needed. Thank you very much.

Desired Settlement
I would like to be refunded the late fees, the "collections fee," and the towing fees.

Business Response
Evergreen Management BBB Case XXXXXXXX. Response XXXXXX
******* ******* - ******* *****

Good afternoon. I will attempt to assist in clarifying Ms. *******'s concerns. In the real estate closing process, Evergreen Management was informed that the condominium purchase at ******* ***** was not a second home, but a primary residence. Our paperwork provided from the real estate closing process shows that the purchase is a buyer occupied condo unit with the address of *** ******* ******* **** *** With a buyer occupied condo unit, the system assumes that the buyer is moving from the sold residence to the newly purchased condo residence.

We have made several attempts to mail information concerning the ******* ***** *********** to Ms. ******* at the new ******* ***** address but the post office repeatedly returns the information "return to sender, not deliverable to addressed, unable to forward". This signifies that Ms. ******* did not submit a change of address form at the Post Office, hence the postal rejection of any first class mail sent to Ms. ******* at ******* ****** In the real estate closing paper work, the email address that was provided as a contact for Ms. ******* is not Ms. *******'s but a completely different email address of which when contacted, does not result in a response. In addition, no phone number was provided as a contact to Ms. *******.

During the real estate closing process, the real estate agent and the buyer of the condominium are responsible for knowing the details of the association, its governing documents and rules before the purchase. This assures the buyer knows for certain what type of community and its rules they are purchasing into. Also, during the closing process, the closing agent should indeed assure the correct information is relayed to the management company so that communications with the new owner can start with a welcome package, the monthly condo fee structure and payment process. Without the vital owner information, the management company on behalf of the association cannot provide the information that essentially should have been provided during the real estate sale process. Information such as the association governing documents, rules, budget, monthly condo fee, when due, etc.

The monthly condo fees are set by the board and there are specific due dates when they are due for all unit owners in the community. If there were delinquencies that accrued due to lack of owner information, the responsibility falls to the owner for payment. This legal obligation takes place at the time of the real estate closing. On Evergreens efforts, the monthly condominium fee statements were also returned as non-deliverable address.

On the subject of parking passes, these were also sent via first class mail and never received due to the reasons above. Very rare is it that a condominium association permits unregistered and uninspected vehicles on the property. This is also stated in the association's rules. Ms. ******* admits that there are signs in the parking areas stating such but chose to park her vehicle there anyway. Evergreen Management or the association does not profit from a tow contract. The rate for the tow company is worked out in advance with the tow company and the association. I don't now where the statement would come from indicating the range of tow rates and certain parties profiting from such action.

With the parking stickers never being received, once communication was finally achieved with Ms. ******* through her old address of *** ******* **** **** in ***** *** it was requested that she visit the management office to obtain the parking stickers. This way, they could be physically handed to her without the confusion of the mail delivery system. Of which we have the retuned letters with the Post Office stamp indicating no delivery as stated above, in this case to both the old and new address.

The fees imposed are not arbitrary, but set with monthly condominium fees, late fees and the towing expenses to be reimbursed to the association. There are 71 condominium units at ******* ***** and the condominium documents, fees and rules pertain to all residents. It is most unfortunate that Ms. *******'s experience in moving into a condominium community has been unpleasant thus far. Evergreen Management is the managing agent for the board of directors. Evergreen Management does not set policy of the association. After careful consideration and review of Ms. *******'s request, the condominium board of directors denied Ms. ******* reimbursement for the towing situations as voted at the board meeting of June 3, 2014. Again, this is a board of director's decision and not the managing agent.

It appears now that the line of communications is open, the past due fees, interests and towing charges need paid to the association and we are hopeful there is a clearer understanding of the rules and regulations of the association by the new unit owner.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This response is not acceptable, as it still contains incorrect information, no admission of fault, and untrue statements. I do not owe anything to the association. I have paid up my fees in full. I issued this complaint because they were not willing to work with me at all, as is evidenced in their untrue/incomplete response. The lines of communication have been open since the day I received the first bill. I sent them a very lengthy email, and we exchanged many emails overtime. To assert that the lines of communication were just opened because of this complaint is consistent with their refusal to deal in facts. Also, the unit is owner occupied, but only as a secondary residence. My permanent address was always listed as my primary address. The office staff have not been truthful about mail that was sent, as with the example of the parking stickers they said they mailed to my primary residence which never arrived, but the bills and the letter saying they wouldn't reimburse me came without trouble. This is a poorly managed company, with poor customer service in the office, and my complaint stands.

Final Business Response
Evergreen Management apologizes it cannot continue to assist Ms. ******* at this time but as the Managing Agent for ******* ****** Evergreen Management cannot change or alter policy for the Board of Directors or the Association. With this in mind, if Ms. ******* is not satisfied with the feedback she has received regarding this case, Ms. ******* is welcome to appeal her concerns and requests directly to the Association's Board of Directors. Ms. ******* can notify the Association's Administrator or Manager at our office and request to be placed on the next board meeting agenda. This will provide Ms. ******* the opportunity to be heard in person with the Associations Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is in the position to make a final judgment on this case.

07/01/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I was charged for items and billed for past owners
water bill.

I bought the condo at ** ********** **** *** on May 12,2014. The condo has two parking spaces, and one visitor parking.A visual ticket is needed so I went
to Evergreen Management in Bedford nh to pick it up and was told I was suppose to get the OLD parking pass from the ex tenant.He never had a car and is disabled and living god knows where.I was told I had to pay 50.00 dollars for New parking passes
because I probably lost them. I only bought one.
I feel I was wrongfully charged for something I had NO control of.
#2 I was told at closing on MAY 12, 2014 I owed
$280.00 in condo fee which was researched by the title company (Name upon request)I received a bill
for $390.17.I was charged for water/sewer 2/03-5/05/2114 I didn't close until May 12,2014 I did not own or live at ** ********** **** *** on water bill dates. I called to dispute this charge
had to pay or would have to pay 25.00 late fee.
I feel I was wrongfully charged.
#3 The lock for the pool was changed prior to me buying ** *********** I received a old key from the selling agent. I was told I had to give evergreen management a key to get a New one ore be charged $20.00 dollars. I was given a key for the new lock but feel I should be able to keep the key I had it belongs to me not stangers at evergreen management.

Desired Settlement
I would like a refund for all the items and unlawful
charges for water I did not use

$25.00 for parking pass
$110.17 for ex owners water bill.

Total of $135.17

Business Response
I will attempt to explain the confusion surrounding Ms. ********'s concerns:

As described and disclosed on the 6D lien release for the real estate closing between the seller and buyer, the water bill is based on quarterly readings and charged to the unit after the Merrimack Village Water District invoice is received and in turn divided and invoiced to each unit. There is no way of predicting the MVWD's quarterly invoice as that is based on usage from the previous quarter. We agree that at times the billing cycle can commence after a unit is sold, but there is no way to predict when units sell or close. The process has been that when the unit closes, there is a notation on the lien release about the water bill and this should be taken up at the closing with the closing agents during the closing. If the closing agent did not bring this to your attention, I apologize. Units have been bought and sold for years & years at ******* ******** and the MVWD invoicing process has been done this way all along. Perhaps it may be wise to review the closing process with the closing agents and ask why the disclosed information was not explained to you about the water billing and if there were any questions at the time, we would have certainly been willing to answer them. While it may not be any consolation, the billing belongs to the unit and not with you as a new owner. While disclosed, the billing has to be paid to the association for the water usage. My assumption is that when this issue has come up over the years, it is discussed at the real estate closing and dealt with then between the seller and buyer. In all of the real-estate transactions over the years in this community, this is the first time this has been raised as an issue.

Concerning the parking tags, the policy of the tag transfer from unit owner to unit owner at closing is the policy of the association, not Evergreen Management. This policy is in place for a very simple reason in that if tags are not transferred from seller to buyer, the tag count would get out of control. There is a finite number of parking spaces in the community and parking has to have a control in place or an abundance of vehicles would have a negative effect on every owner. Conceivably, sellers could transfer tags to buyers and buyers could come in to our office and state they never received them. If there was not some type of financial incentive for owners to transfer tags at a closing, the community would be overrun with vehicles over and above the number of parking spaces allotted. It is unfortunate that the seller did not pass ***** their tags to you at the closing. The parking tag policy is also on the 6D lien release and should have been brought to your attention at the closing by the closing agent.

The pool key issue can be easily explained. One new pool key was issued to each owner in the community due to the complete re-keying of the pool area in 2013. This was at no charge to the individual unit owners as this was an association expense. You informed us that the pool keys that were provided to you at the closing from the seller did not work. I don't know why the seller would provide you with old pool keys when a new key was issued to the seller about a year ago. The policy of the association is that if a pool key is lost or a new one has to be issued, there would be a $20.00 charge. The financial incentive is for unit owners not to lose their keys and pass *************** keys to the new buyer. When you visited our office very upset, we offered to provide you a new key at no charge should you turn in the non working keys that you had in your hand. This way, the outstanding key count is controlled. We did not know if the non working keys that you had in your hand truly worked or not. If they did not work, I am confused as to why you took them with you along with the new key that you were provided. I understand since your office visit last week that an association board member has since retrieved the old key.

In summation, I apologize that your experience moving into a condominium community has not been a pleasant one so far. But the issues and concerns that you have experienced could have been put to rest at the closing if the closing agent would have reviewed the 6D lien release with you as that document captures some of the very elements that you find troubling. As you are aware with the governing documents of the association, the condominium board of directors sets policy and the management company facilitates in enforcing those polices. I hope that your new real estate purchase works out and the nuisances of moving into an established community with process, rules and policies finds your favor.

08/26/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Failure to repair electrical box for hot water heater. Association by laws clear state out side Electrical boxes are the responsibility of Evergreen.
Out side electrical box failed in May. The box is designated for the 4 town house unit's hot water heater. A temporary electrical line was placed inside the unit running from the inside electrical panel to the breaker switch for the hot water tank in my unit. The cable (over an inch in diameter is duck taped to the floor through the dining area, and into the kitchen. The wire crosses the thresh hold of the bathroom and the kitchen/family room causing an unsafe tripping hazard. The temporary fix is also not to code and a tear in the outer sleeve could result in electrical shock causing injury or death. Evergreen Management's failure to fix this issue over the past 3 months has caused an unsafe living environment and may place undo financial burden on the home owner as the unit it up for sale and will not pass a home inspection at this time. Further more, Evergreen Management continues to collect association fees while disregarding their duties and obligation to the home owners.

Desired Settlement
This issue has been ongoing for several months. We are seeking a fix within the next two weeks and any monitory loss incurred by the home owner if this specific issue causes the loss or delay in the sale of the property, or any injuries are sustained by home owner or others due to the unsafe environment.

Business' Initial Response
This is a situation where the immediate issue of no power was resolved. From there, Evergreen Management's (EMI) hands were tied by the condo association board of directors as the board sought bids for perm repair and a legal opinion of true resppnsiblity of ownership. EMI would have immediately remedied the issue but EMI could not act until the board gave permission for a perm solution, which took the cordination of a number of contractors and PSNH. EMI totally agrees this is not a good situation and empathizes with the conod unit owner. The issue has since been remedited on a permiment basis and the board of directros is aware of the unit owners concern and disatisfaction with their delay.

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We offer free reviews on businesses that include background, licensing, consumer experience and other information such as governmental actions that is known to BBB. These reviews are provided for businesses that are BBB accredited and also for businesses that are not BBB accredited.


BBB Reporting Policy

As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.