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Singer Subaru

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Customer Complaints Summary

7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues2
Problems with Product / Service4
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

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03/27/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Dealer has failed to return money to us for cancelled warranty items.
On January 28, 2014 I purchased a used 2013 Subaru Legacy from Singer Subaru in Plaistow, NH. Unfortunately the sales rep, **** ******* is no longer with the dealership. During the financing appointment we were coerced into purchasing warranty items to "buy down" an interest rate. After reviewing the warranties at home, we realized they were not worth while. We spoke to the Finance person, ****, who then advised us to speak with ***** ***** in order to cancel them. As requested by *****, I wrote a letter requesting cancellation of 4-$399 warranties. I have gotten a different story from ***** at Singer Subaru each time I call to inquire whether reimbursement has been made. I spoke with Wells Fargo (who is financing the loan) again this afternoon to confirm whether they received a check from Singer and they have not as yet. A call to Singer Subaru againagain ***** is "not available", or "not in the office today", or is "on the phone". When I try to go above that, no manager is available to speak with and Mr. Singer (the owner) "has stepped out of the office". I did respond to Singer Subaru's earlier email about my satisfaction with the dealership and frankly let them know I was NOT happy with my service. A call from the General Service Manager, ***** *** was never returned when I called him back.

Desired Settlement
I want my money back and would prefer the check be made out directly to me!

Consumer alerted BBB of direct contact from the business
I finally made contact with Mr. Singer, owner of Singer Subaru and he apparently had had no idea this issue had been going on but guaranteed me it would be resolved within a week. That was last Saturday and I heard from back from him on Monday that the reimbursement had in fact been sent in as his office staff had said, and their check had already been cashed by Wells Fargo.

10/14/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Singer Subaru Diagnosed my car to have major problems which told me it would be $1650 to fix and diagnoses fee, which was actually just a bad sensor.
Problem Date: 8/23/2012
Vehicle Tag Number: XXXXX
Payment Amount: $96
Payment Method: Cash

I brought my 2005 Subaru legacy Into Singer Subaru to be have a check engine light diagnosed. When picking up my vehicle, the service department told me that a part called a Tumble Generator Valve was not working on one side and that it would cost $1,650 to replace the part. I opted out of having the work done at the time because of the large amount they were wanting to service the vehicle. I left after paying $96 o have the vehicle diagnoses. I later Popped open the hood and found that the sensor was loose and tightened it, which resolved the check engine light. This sensor is the main component that tells the cars computer that the tumble generator valve is working correctly, and should have been the first thing that this shop looked at when diagnosing the car. I feel very hurt by this experience and feel that not only was cheated out of the $96 diagnoses fee that was not correct but feel that this shop was trying to swindle a large amount of money from me.

Desired Settlement
I would like to be refunded the $96 diagnoses fee, because I feel that my vehicle was purposefully misdiagnosed to trick me into paying a large sum of money to have an unnecessary car part put into the vehicle.

Business Response
On September 25, 2013 at 2pm I called Mr. ******* and left him a voice mail message offering to refund him the $96, and I also iterated our willingness to do more for him but I needed to speak with him to follow through with this. I then sent him the email listed below. As of today, we have not received a reply to either the email (it did not bounce back) or the phone call.

****** *********


From: ****** *********
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, XXXX X:XX PM
To: ********
Subject: service at singer subaru


I have just been made aware of and read your complaint regarding service here on August 22, 2013. I called and left a message on your cell phone a short time ago. Having read your complaint, I will certainly agree that we were both errant and sloppy if we gave you a diagnosis and estimate, and did not look deeply enough into the situation to find the problem which you yourself found and resolved. I am very sorry and wish to apologize. This sort of misdiagnosis is not defendable when the resolution, as you so stated, was so easy to resolve and did not involve he sort of repair which we had proposed. However, I will maintain that while we are not immune from mistakes and lapses in our attention,we would absolutely never knowingly deceive a customer or try to recommend work which we do not earnestly believe needs to be performed. Are we guilty of of a misdiagnosis and not being sufficiently thorough? Absolutely. Did we, or would we, engage in deceptive practices? Absolutely not.

We certainly need to make this right by you. Of course, we will refund the $96 you paid for a diagnosis. I would, as well, like to do even more as a demonstration of good faith.

Please call me at your earliest convenience at the number below so that we can arrange reimbursement and discuss things further.


****** **********
Service Manager
Singer Subaru
77 Plaistow Road
Plaistow, NH XXXXX

09/30/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Singer issued three falsified bills of sale to cover mistakes. They also lied about the condition of previous vehicle to promote the sale of a new one
I went into Singer Subaru on August 14th to have my 2011 WRX inspected after having been re-ended. The vehicle had been worked on by an insurance approved mechanic (Not Singer), but there were still obvious issues with the car. The purpose was to identify any accident related issues that would still be covered by the insurance. I wanted to deal with the issue immediately so that I would not have to deal with out of pocket expenses after the insurance claim had been closed and my warranty had been expired.

The dealership told me that nothing was wrong but that it was not a good idea to keep a vehicle that had been in an accident. The dealership then used a series of ploys to sell me a new car.

Since they did not posses the title to the car they sold me it took them over three weeks to register the vehicle. In order to cover their mistakes they issues two additional falsified bills of sale, which they told me was a common and legal practice. I later found out from my insurance agent that this in-fact left my uninsured and unprotected as the car had not been legally registered and inspected.

While picking up the registerion after 3-4 weeks, I saw my previous car on the Singer lot. As my sales agent had told me that they would not be selling my car on the their lot because it had been in an accident, I inquired about what had been done to it. The agent replied "We had to do so much work to your car because of the accident, not to mention your car was put together like **** from Subaru." I asked why was I told that nothing was wrong with my previous 2011 WRX to which he replied "Subaru trains their employees to say nothing is wrong when a car is under warranty."

When I forwarded my inquiry to the general manager (AKA Rocket), he stated that he did not know why I was given false information. When I attempted to find a resolution he told me that I was wasting his time. When I stated that I wanted to resolve the matter peacefully but would take the matter further he stated in an aggressive tone "I'd be happy to see you in litigation"

I forwarded my complaint to the corporate office of Subaru. So far it has been two weeks, and the corporate office has told me that Singer has ignored every attempt to contact them.

To summarize, Singer Subaru lied to me about the condition of my 2011 WRX, so that they could play on my fears that I had naïvely conveyed to them. They brought in a GM and other figures of status at the dealership to give me their "professional" opinion, which was nothing more than a manipulative ruse to have me purchase a car based on a false pretense. They then falsified documents in order to cover their mistake of not being able to register the vehicle because they did not have a title. This directly left me vulnerable as my car was no legally allowed to be on the road or covered by insurance. I would hope that Subaru does not train their mechanics to "not find problems" but it seems quite evident in this situation, that Subaru (Singer) in fact, did that exact thing.

Desired Settlement
I would like to receive compensation for the amount of work that was put into my 2011 WRX as that amount would have been given to me by the insurance to repair or compensate for lost value. The general manager stated he spent $3,500 - $4,000 on repairs.

Furthermore, there is approximately a $13,000 difference between the value of my previous car and the new vehicle that I was tricked in purchasing.

Also, I was given false paperwork that left me uninsured and illegally driving a vehicle on the road for over 2 weeks.

Over the course of the month I was forced to drive to the dealership over eight times, each time taking approximately 1 - 2 hours.

I am still working with my attorney to find the amount that is I should expect to receive compensation for.

Consumer Satisfied
Good afternoon. I would like to withdraw my complaint against Singer Subaru (Case # XXXXXXXX) I worked with the Corporate office of Subaru along with Singer Subaru and we have reached a resolution.


06/06/2012Problems with Product / Service
11/19/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

See attached document

Desired Settlement
I understand you do not resolve any punitive damages, so on this case I want all monies paid including parts & labor paid to Singer, along with what it would cost to purchase 4 new tires due to negligence and them not doing front end alignment. Total all parts/labor less credits received: $2,550.63

Business Response

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Why I do not accept the response to my complaint: They said axle was brand new in an unopened box even though we did not purchase it from the Subaru dealer we purchased it from *** ***** of Derry (formerly ***** **** ******* It was not remanufactured, that manufacturer also makes a remanufactured axle, this one was new and states so on the receipts I provided you and on the box it came in. My husband showed the help at the dealership the box said NEW on it not remanufactured. I will mention exhibit numbers which were included in the original complaint don't think you need those copies again you already have them. (Exhibit 1 is the first axle we purchased that was left with the dealer to put on in the car, see original complaint stating that was not put on and why - don't know what they did with it and Exhibit 10 is the axle we had to again purchase to put on the car which also states New on the receipt once we realized said axle was never put on car in the 1st place. The bushing we purchased directly from Subaru (see exhibit 2) they were not used either and they were also not put in. The axle that was taken out of my car is the original axle it was not the Carbone axle we had supplied to the dealer and paid for it was the original axle that came on the car which was supposed to have been replaced (I paid to have it replaced & supplied the part). I tried to show Mr. ****** on my 2nd meeting with him on July 14, he was not interested in looking at it nor having a service person look at it. They never did the job.
He says in his response, that ******* **** wrote "not a new axle" verbatim (exhibit 6), that was meaning that a new one was not put on my car not new vs old/used. If he takes those words verbatim then Subaru dealer should take the words on the ******* **** paperwork that says the bushings on front control arms appear to be the originals (exhibit 2 & 3A) verbatim - those were the ones that were supposed to have been replaced during the November service appt the same time as the axle was to be replaced. We supplied those parts also and they were purchased from the Subaru dealer (exhibit 2 &3A). The dealer has no comment on the service report from the ***** ****** dealer (exhibit 7) which says "axle does not appear to have EVER been replaced". Nor does he say anything about the note that they found a rubber valve stem installed on L/R (must have occurred when all they did was put the new tires on my car exhibit 3A)). Since as noted in original complaint there were no wheel weights on the tires which are needed to balance the tires after being put on. He does not respond to my complaint that they did not have an all-wheel alignment which they said they sublet to **** **** **** that I was charged for(exhibit 3B) and they said was done but after inspecting all the paperwork we found major discrepancy as stated on original complaint that it was not all of my car information at all only my car license plate number (exhibit 3C)and was not my car at all. Thus my new tires were only put on not balanced and not aligned causing them to wear incorrectly and way before they should have so I had to have an alignment done in July by another **** **** **** (exhibit 11) and am going to need new tires way before I should.
We did not try to replace the headlight assy as he states. The bolts that my husband touched were from trying to take the grill off. The headlight assy was purchased at the time of the 6/9/14 service appt not before, it went from their stock by them to their own service tech (see exhibit 4A). It was not purchased prior, my husband negotiated the price of the assy with their parts person, that is all - he never touched it (note exhibit 4A it does not say supplied by customer).
We went to other service depts because the headlights after the dealer installed the new headlight assy were not aligned, my husband went back to the dealer 3 times they kept saying they were aligned then finally came up with the excuse that because my husband had messed with the screws when trying to get the grill off would cause the assy to not stay in place thus light adjustment would not hold. One had nothing to do with the other. They never noted that on the paperwork we were given either. ********** ****** adjusted them no problem and they have been fine since and I got an inspection sticker no problem in September 2014 and they were still fine. Mr. ** looked at the headlight my first appt there he reimbursed me for that - why would he do that if in question and I don't think it was any will let along good will.
His response OUT AND OUT LIED about me not having an appointment with him and that he had "zero knowledge of the entire debacle" as he puts it. I spoke to him in length on the phone on July 2nd and we discussed the issue and then me coming in to see him the next day (July 3rd) because he was going to be out for about the next 2 weeks. I had asked him if I need a time he said no to just make sure he was there - I called before even going. If need be I will request my phone records to show I was on the phone with the dealership for about 30 minutes explaining the situation to him (the records will show the length of the call maybe not what was said). I just checked my Comcast and it only shows my outgoing calls from August on line, I have to request further back. He had asked me to send him an e-mail with some more detail before coming which I did (see exhibit 9). He had given me his e-mail address when I was on the phone with him. Why would I send an e-mail like that if I had not spoken to him? I even left him a voice mail once it was sent so he was alerted that it was there. When I arrived at the dealer I did not knock on his door I went to one of the gentlemen on the showroom floor and spoke to them saying Mr ****** and I were to have a meeting they went to him then came and told me it would be a little since he was on the phone. Then the nice gentleman that I bought the car from had me sit down since I was there with a cane as I do have a handicap - no one else even bothered. He did meet with me for 2 hrs, but I did not say $5000 I said look at my e-mail which he had not but I had a copy. I also brought with me all my receipts which he was not interested in looking at. At the end he offered me $1000 good will without even looking at the receipts then came up with another idea maybe he should give me all the parts in question out of his stock in a box and we could have another service place put them in so he had his parts person come in & he asked him to price them out. I could not wait any longer as my son was waiting in my car as I had to take him to a Dr's appt after the meeting so I could not stay any longer. I said I would have to think about this offer as I did not really think it was fair at all. He said he would be back in the office July 14th, I said I would be back then and we agreed.
The only item my husband tried to return was an ashtray he ordered as it was the wrong one, not a bunch of parts. My husband did try to negotiate on parts prices when he was purchasing them there that is business at least in the normal world not sure what is wrong with that.
On July 14th he said to me any deal that he offered or would offer was off the table unless my husband signed off on the paperwork along with myself saying that the dealer would not be liable for any future damage that may occur due to work that we thought was not done and that he wanted my husband to come in and to apologize to his staff. I told him he only was saying that because he felt my husband would not come in to apologize. He said he was going to offer the $1000 plus more. I don't believe that for one minute. He knew I didn't bring my husband although better suited to this than I because I knew my husband was still heated about this situation. They out and out lied to him; made unnecessary trips for him of course he was angry.
They didn't offer good will they gave me a good screwing. I had the original axle in the back of my car that they were supposed to have replaced in November, never did the job, did something with the one we purchased, I had to buy another one and have it put on so I kept the one that was taken off to show them that it was not the Carbone axle that they charged me to put on in November that we had supplied them to show them - lugged it around and he would not have anyone look at it. WHY??????? I was charged for labor, I purchased parts they took and never put on my car, work done that obviously was not done and he wants to know why my husband would be angry. Headlights not adjusted we could not see driving that night in the dark almost called to be towed that was scary no yelling! Enough was enough.If they had adjusted the headlights in the beginning we would never have discovered all of the other work that was not done.If you need exhibits again let me know, they are with original complaint.

Final Business Response

11/19/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I was offered $24K for my Audi trade-in when I ordered a new Subaru WRX. When the car arrived 2 months later, ****** reduced the trade-in to $22K.
I recently purchased a 2015 Subaru WRX from ****** Subaru in Plaistow, NH. The car was ordered in late June, 2014. I worked with *** ***** and ***** *** (the Sales Manager). When I purchased the car, I traded in my 2011 Audi Q5. I brought my Audi to the dealer. They looked over my car in detail and appraised my car, offering me $24,000 for my trade-in. A contract was signed indicating this same $24,000 for my trade-in.

When the Subaru WRX arrived in September, I received a call from ***** who had replaced ***. He told me that my car was ready to pick up. I went in to pick up my car, fully expecting the same $24,000 for my trade-in. It was still in the same excellent condition as it was in two months earlier, except for a few more miles of course.

***** said that they needed to reappraise my trade-in. I figured this was to make sure there weren't any dents, scratches or mechanical issues. To my shock and disappointment, ***** came back and said that now, they could only give me $22,000 for my Audi trade-in, $2,000 less than what they offered me in writing two months earlier. I asked him why and he said that he was told it was because the car needed new tires. I told him that if the car needed new tires, they (****** Subaru) knew that in June when they offered me the $24,000 in writing, and they should honor the $24,000 per the contract.

Soon after that, I asked to speak to ***** ******, the Owner. I asked ***** why they would put in writing $24,000 for a trade-in and then reduce it by $2,000 two months later when the trade-in was in the same condition as when they first appraised it. The only thing he could tell me was that it needed new tires. I told him that was totally unacceptable to me and that it appeared as though the first offer of $24,000 was just to get me to sign the contract and order the car. He asked me if I wanted to just walk away from the deal. I told him of course I did not want to do that. He then offered to go up to $223,000 for my trade-in. The whole time he was talking with me, he was unprofessional and somewhat belligerent, telling me to "stop rolling my eyes at him", and also telling me that "I had more money that he had" and why should the $1,000 make a difference. I told it made a difference because they were not honoring the original contact. It had nothing to do with how much money I did or didn't have. I finally agreed to take the car with the $23,000 trade-in offered because I had waited two months and I didn't want to start looking all over again.

My opinion is that the owner, ***** ******, was not involved in the initial negotiations, and now thought that the deal was too good. He was using this "reappraisal excuse" to now go back on the deal that his Sales Manager, Eddie Dye, made with me in June.
I have 30 years of car-buying experience, and this "bait and switch" that ****** pulled on me made this the worst car buying experience ever. If they are going to place in a contract a certain dollar amount for a trade-in, they should honor that contract. Neither *** ***** nor ***** *** ****** ever told me in June that the trade-in amount in the contract might change once my new car is delivered.

I wrote to Subaru of America in Cherry Hill, NJ back on September 16th and I have heard nothing back as of yet. I also answered their customer satisfaction survey and heard nothing back. To date, I have not heard back from anyone from Subaru or ***** ****** either.

Desired Settlement
My trade-in was in the same excellent condition on September 3rd as it was when they took their time to appraise my car on June 23rd, and the only excuse they could now give me was that it needed new tires. They would have seen this in June when they first appraised the car at $24,000.

I simply want ****** Subaru to honor the original contract of $24,000 for my Audi trade-in, no matter how good a deal ***** ****** thinks I am getting since he got involved in the deal.

Business Response

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Thank you for sending me ***** ******'s reply. Below is my response to his reply to you.

1. Mr. ****** correctly points to the "fine print" on the back of the contract stating that the car would need to be reappraised. I believe that ****** persuades consumers into ordering a new car, offering them one amount for their trade-in, then decreases the trade amount once the new car comes in, quickly pointing to this "fine print" in the contract as their "out". It is also my opinion that this is probably not the first time a consumer has chosen ****** because they thought they were getting the best deal, then waited 2 months for their new car to arrive just to find out that the offered trade-in amount was suddenly lowered for no good reason.

2. Mr. ****** mentions the tires and windshield wiper blades. This was the best that his crew could come up with for decreasing the trade? These are not good reasons to lower a trade-in value. And these would have been evident and obvious to at least one of the 4 people who ****** had look at my car when I first brought it in in late June. The buzzing sound is a normal part of the Audi Q5, signifying that the lights have been turned on, since there is an automatic feature.

3. I have been told by other dealers that the fine print on the back of the contract is intended to protect the dealer in the event of car scratches that weren't there when the contract was signed, new dents, excessive wear or tear ........... not intended to be an excuse for the dealer to just reduce the trade because of "tire tread" and "wiper blades". minor things that would have been noticed when the contract was signed. They further said that the tires did not get that much worse in 2 months.

3. ***** ****** never called me and certainly never left a message for me.

4. The thing that Mr. ****** fails to acknowledge or recognize is that I looked at several dealers when I first started looking for a new car. They all offered me various amounts for my Audi Q5 trade-in. I chose ****** because I was getting the best deal. My belief is that the other dealers, who may have offered me a little less at the signing of the contract, were not going to reduce that two months later once my new car arrived.

You notice how quickly ****** points to the contract and the fine print on the BACK of the contract. Neither Eddie Dye, nor Ben Huson mentioned that it would need to be revalued at the time of car delivery. It is DECEPTIVE.

And if ******'s crew really did not notice the tires and wiper blades in June when they offered me the $24,000, then I should not be the one to suffer because of their "LACK OF DUE DILIGENCE" at the signing of the contract.

In closing, in the spirit of goodwill, I contacted Steve at ****** a couple of weeks ago to tell him that I had found, in my basement, the Audi Roof Rack, cargo cover, and floor mats. My hope was that this matter was going to be resolved by Mr. ****** seeing my side and agreeing to refund me the $1,000. If Mr. ****** were to do this, I was going to just give them these Audi accessories, with a value of over $400. I am still willing to do that to put this all to bed, with no ill-will going forward, as long as ****** agrees to refund me my $1,000.

Thank you.


***** A. ********

Final Business Response

02/14/2013Guarantee / Warranty Issues

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