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AutoFair Ford LP

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Customer Complaints Summary

15 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues6
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service8
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints15

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Complaint Resolution Log (15)BBB Closure Definitions
06/11/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or credit

Complaint: things were missing, we got a promisary note to replace things, repairs were made to my vehicle that were unauthorized and those repairs are faulty i traded my lincoln in at the dealership on may 2 for an 2006 hummer h3, the sale was not finalized, the vehicle we were buying was overheating and making knocking noises after the first day of having it, they tried fixing the problem the following monday and were unsuccessful, we drove it for a week and the following friday, we were called in to finalize the sale of the hummer, when i got in there, i told the salesman that the hummer was still overheating and now knocking loudly when it gets hot, they stopped the sale and told me they refused to sell it to me, they then tried selling me another vehicle which i did not want, they tried getting more money to put down on the vehicle and i refused, i told them i wanted my two trade ins back, after a big hassle and about an hour wait, i finally got my cars back. the floor mats were missing, all my things had been removed from the car and unauthorized repairs had been done, i demanded my floor mats to be replaced, they looked for them, the guy that details the cars said to us that he put the floor mats on top of a cabinet out back and they are missing now, we went up front and steve in financing wrote out a promisary note to replace them. two other guys at that point came into the office and told us they shouldnt have to replace the carpets because they did 1000$ worth of work to my car for free,later on in the conversation while they were arguing with me, the price of the repairs they said they did went up to 1500$ i told them they were not authorized to do those repairs because the sale was never finalized and the car was legally still mine, they said it dont matter, the repairs they made to the car were mostly recalls from lincoln which ive contacted the lincoln dealer and they told me those recalls they did do were paid for by lincoln, according to the paperwork, they also did something to my air conditioning controls which does not work properly now, the selector now goes either super hot or super cold, there is no in between anymore, they scraped off my inspection sticker and put their own one on it so now i have to replace the sticker again so im legal again. i have called multiple times to get the situation fixed and been given the runaround, i went in there in person on wednesday, talked to the dealership manager, he hadnt heard anything of this at that point, he took my number and told me he would call me back, thursday i recieved a call from steve the finance guy, he offered me a set of rubber mats from a dodge caravan and told me they were unique, i told him that was out of the question, he said the dealership would not pay for anything and i told him i would be in tomorrow to deal with it, i recieved a phone call from him later that day telling me i was authorized to go to either walmart or autozone and pick up a cheap set of rubber mats which they would reimburse me for, i told them that was not acceptable, the car went in with factory carpet mats that were fit specifically to that floor with hook holes to hold them in place and had the lincoln embroidery in it, i called a lincoln dealer for prices on them, they were right around 300 for the set, i let him know that. i went in there today 5/23/2014 to try and get things fixed right, we spoke with mike at the sales desk because they would not let me speak to the dealership manager, they refused to cooperate with me and kept trying to sell me a vehicle, they said i was getting rid of it anyway and had their mind set on selling me something rather than fixing their mistake. i told them that after the way they are handling this, im not doing business here, the sales guys at the desk started getting nasty with us, they offered to cut me a check for 100$ and insulted me. we were told to leave, i went across the street and called manchester police, they went over and talked to them, told them to tell me to go buy my own mats and send them the reciept and to stay off the property and not come back

Initial Business Response
This matter has been resolved

06/09/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation used high pressure methods

Complaint: I attempted to purchase a car on 5/24/14 and was overwhelmed by salesperson. He did not fully explain the price of the car and was pushy.
The sales person did not fully explain the price of the car and the add ons that went with the deal. (e.g. The warranty) the full price of the car was not shown to me until I had completed the paperwork. I was overwhelmed and did not understand the information that was presented. I signed and finished the paperwork required to buy the car, but have since returned the car to their lot. I have asked them to refund the down payment and return the trade-in vehicle but they have refused. I have disputed the down payment on my credit card and asked the lender not to fund the loan. I tried to reason with the sales manager but he openly laughed in my face and said I had no options. I do not want to exchange the car as I feel they are disrespectful and dishonest. I would like to renege on this loan so I can repurchase at a more reputable dealership.

Initial Business Response
This matter has been resolved.

12/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor a contract or agreement

Complaint: No title for purchased vehicle. Not able to register.
I purchased a 2010 Subaru Outback 22 days ago. Attempted registering vehicle today and was told by City Of Manchester that Autofair Ford does not have a valid title for the vehicle. I had to produce a title for my trade in within 24 hours, but Autofair has applied for a second title for the the car I traded in. Autofair offered a loaner for two weeks, but I work in MA and evenings and weekends responsible for a terminal senior family member, which makes travel to NH after business hours or on weekendsimpossible. Requesting return of vehicle for full refund.

Initial Business Response
******** ******* General Sales Manager, has worked with Ms ********* and the matter has been resolved.

Complaint Resolution: Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB.

04/29/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices

Complaint: They used my gap and disability insurance refund in my down payment without my permission. I have tried for almost a month to resolve this with them.
On February 27, 2013 I went to Autofair Ford to see if I could trade in my 2009 Ford F-150 for a newer vehicle and hopefully lower my payment. This would be my 3rd vehicle purchase through them. I went and saw my usual salesman Tim Sewall. I found a 2013 Ford F-150 I liked. My wife has a plan through her work called the XPlan that guarantees me a specific price. I knew we really only needed to negotiate trade, money down and payment. We went back and fourth on numbers and finally a sales manager came over to try and close the deal. We went back and forth a couple more times and finally settled on $500 down $579 a month with the 1st payment due in 45 days. When we went to finance the paperwork stated a payment in 30 days and when I told him we had agreed on 45 days ****** said the payment would go up a little over a dollar. I didn't want to make big deal over a dollar and change so I said that was fine. I signed the rest of the paperwork and left. I figured I would need to re-sign because the other times I bought there I needed to because the banks are closed by the time the deal is done. This time I did not need to resign. A couple weeks later I received a letter from the Gap and disability insurance company stating I would be getting a refund. They would send the money to the dealership and then the dealership would send us a check. I called the dealership to find out when I could expect the refund check. I had to leave a message because the woman that handles that was not in at the moment. I had to go there to get service done so while I was there I dropped off a copy of the letter. She was not there that day either. The girl at the front said she came in after 4. A couple days went by and I hadn't heard anything so I called back. Again she was not in. A few days later I called again and was told she was not there. I asked to speak to a manager and the receptionist said someone from finance would call me back. I got a call a couple hours later from Gill. At that point ****** told me the woman I was leaving messages for just finished her last day that day. ****** had no knowledge of why I was calling so I explained I was inquiring about the refund. ****** said ****** would have to look into it and get back to me. The next day ****** called back and said it seemed they used the money towards the down payment. I explained to him I had no knowledge of that nor did I agree or sign anything stating they could use that money. I didn't even know what the refund was supposed to be. ****** said I needed to speak with my salesman. I called Tim and left him a message. ****** called me back stating it was his day off but asked me about the situation. I explained everything to him and ****** said ****** would call me when ****** was at work the next day. A couple days passed and no word so I texted him. ****** called back that day and said ****** needed to talk to finance. ****** never called back so I texted him again 4 days later. ****** texted back stating that ******** the desk manager needed to speak with **** in finance who was not there that day but would be in the next day. Three days later still no response. I texted Tim again stating no one called me. I got no response. I texted him again 2 days later and ****** said ****** asked **** Pasternak to call me. ****** assured I would get a call that day. **** called a few hours later. ****** seemed like ****** had no knowledge of what was going on. I had to re-explain everything again. ****** stated it was above his above his pay grade to give me a refund and ****** would need to talk to someone above him. An hour later Gill called me back. I had to reiterate everything to him again and ****** said it wasn't my money. It was their money and they could do with it as they saw fit. They used it for the down payment and ****** didn't know what I wanted from them. I explained it wasn't authorized, the insurance company said it was my money and that this was not part of the deal. ****** said someone should have said something about using that for a down payment. Waiting on call

Business' Initial Response
It is my understanding that the General Manager, **** *******, has spoken with Mr. ****** and the matter has been resolved.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

02/25/2013Problems with Product / Service
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05/16/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation not consistent with the written agreement

Complaint: Autofair tacked on my old loan to my new loan for my vehicle I have now. Instead of paying 19,000 which I was told they would sell me the car for.
because their was none at 12,000 what i originally paid for my ford. I am paying 28,000 they added on 7,000 from my other vehicle.

I had gone to them several times to tell them their was a problem with the 06 Ford they did not even look at it they just sent me on my marry way now i have 3 disabilied children that need a reliable vehicle. I go to Dartmouth all the time with the kids. I did not trust the 06 Ford to go all the way to Dartmouth. So instead of helping me they sold me a more expensive vehicle.

I would think the higher hand of the dealership would help but nope. Now I am paying 379.00 a month instead of 225.00 a month. They even fixed up the 06 Ford and resold it so their getting paid twice for the vehicle they took full advantage of me.

Business' Initial Response
Ms ****** purchased a 2006 Ford Escape for $11,978 on 11/27/12 which had 79,218 miles on it. We have only three (3) records of Ms ****** bringing her vehicle into our service department. The first time was on 12/17/2012 for a state inspection and then again on 2/01/13 (83,523 miles) for its first required maintenance (complimentary) at which time said vehicle received a multipoint inspection.
The third time, on 3/12/13, Ms ****** brought her Escape (85,786 miles) in with the complaint that the ABS/4x4 light was on and that there was a noise in the rear when going over a bump. The technician made the necessary repairs and verified this by road testing the vehicle. I assure you that if Ms ****** had returned with any service issues on her vehicle that our service department would have brought her vehicle it to look at it.
Ms ****** made it clear to our sales department that she was not happy with the Escape she had purchased. Ms ****** chose a 2012 Dodge Journey with 28,533 miles on it. This vehicle was 6 years newer with 59,881 less miles on it than the Escape she wanted to trade it for. Because of the age and mileage difference, the cost of the vehicle was more money.
Ms ****** agreed to trade in the 2006 Ford Escape which she had been driving for 5 months, and had put over 9,000 miles on, for the 2012 Dodge. Ms ****** signed all the paperwork agreeing to purchase the 2012 Dodge Journey which clearly shows her payment at $379.32 per month.
Our service department went through the 2006 Ford Escape once Ms ****** had traded it in and found no issues with it. Ms ******'s claim that the vehicle had a problem is unfounded. Furthermore, when Ms ****** contacted my office with regards to her complaint this information was relayed to her. As a goodwill gesture, we extended a Platinum Rewards program to her that gives her free services, coupons and other amenities which she accepted.
I am sorry that Ms ****** was not happy with the Ford Escape that she originally purchased. However, said vehicle was found to be safe and running properly.

****** **** ******

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated ******/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
See the thing they don't understand is all i wanted was to have someone look at the vechile no one bothered. So i felt like to have my kids safe was to get another vechile. I wouldn't have got another vechile if they were just to look at it for the saftey of my kids. After i got another vechile that's when they decided to check out the vechile. That is what i am saying not that i did not like the ford escape i just wanted them to look at the vechile and figure out what was going on with the vechile i would have kept the ford if they checked it out 4 times i went down their service department told me they did not have time for me.

Business' Final Response
Our service department has strict guidelines that are followed when a customer brings in their vehicle. Whether a repair is made or not, the customer and vehicle information is entered into the system which produces a Repair Order (RO). On the RO it will also state the information supplied by the customer regarding their vehicle issue (if applicable) as well as what services are going to be performed on said vehicle. The only records on file for Ms ******'s vehicle are those referenced in original response.
Our business is servicing vehicles; we have no reason to not look at a vehicle or to turn one away. Ms ****** chose to trade out of the Escape and signed all the paperwork agreeing to the terms and payment on the Dodge Journey. Again, I am sorry that she is not satisfied but we consider this matter closed.

****** **** ******

03/11/2013Guarantee / Warranty Issues
01/14/2013Advertising / Sales Issues
07/31/2012Problems with Product / Service

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As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.