Save Your Business Reputation

April 16, 2014

Columbus, Georgia – April 16, 2014 – Good reputation is priceless to a business. Unfortunately, there are times when a business’ reputation can suffer through no fault of its own. The BBB would like help businesses avoid these pitfalls.

As the BBB reported before, “name-jacking” scams are growing in numbers. “Name-jacking” means that a legitimate business and/or legitimate product/service are used by con artists to perpetrate crimes. This can take on many forms, but the one that is very prevalent right now involves scammers using financing/banking companies’ names when telling consumers that they qualified for a loan. The consumer is then asked to place funds on a pre-paid card and to give the PIN for that number to the “loan officer” to pay for “fees” to process their loan.

Job postings on and other websites are another source of headaches for a business. Scammers advertise job postings and use real companies’ names to do so. Their goal is to either obtain personal information from the job applicant or to once again to entice them to place funds on a pre-paid card and give the scammer the PIN to pay for background checks and so on. Consumers can either lose money or have their identity stolen and the business finds itself having to prove they have nothing to do with the scam.

Another issue that can turn into a problem for businesses is their sales, promotion and coupons. Oftentimes other websites will re-post the original coupon or promotion that a business is running. Usually that means that everyone wins, consumers and businesses. Unfortunately, oftentimes those websites do not remove the posted coupons and promotions immediately when they have expired, leaving the business to deal with disgruntled customers who wish to utilize the advertised savings.

The above are just some of the ways a business reputation can suffer as a result of, but they bring up an important point. Namely, a business must be proactive in safeguarding its name and product. The BBB would like to offer some helpful tips: 

  • Regularly “google” your own business name. See what pops up. Make sure there are no nasty surprises.
  • If you offer coupons/sales/promotions, make sure you prominently display the expiration date. Search the internet for your promotions; request websites remove your promotions if they post them past the expiration date.
  • If you receive phone calls and/or complaints about non-existent job postings or misuse of product/name/service, do not ignore them. Notify websites that posted the ads that they are fraudulent. If possible, place an alert on your own website. Emphasize your service/product process so that the consumer is less likely to fall for a scam. Notify the authorities if necessary.
  • Notify your BBB. We will help spread the word.




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