Homeowners Beware

Homeowners receive misleading mailings urging them to purchase copy of their deed.
January 22, 2014

Columbus, Georgia – January 22, 2014 – BBB has been made aware that homeowners, particularly new homeowners, are receiving mailings that may prompt them into getting services and products that might be unnecessary or may be obtained free of charge elsewhere.

One of the mailings is urging the homeowners to purchase a copy of their deed (click here to view the mailing) from the records office for $89. The letter is misleading. Deeds really only cost a few dollars, so the company is making a hefty profit. The deed may be obtained from the county clerk’s office for free or for a very small fee. Simply call or check the website of the county clerk's office, where deeds are usually recorded. 

Other mailings tout life and disability insurance that will pay off the mortgage in the event of the homeowner’s death. This may be a product worth considering for some homeowners but they need to make sure that they are dealing with a reputable company. After all, these mailings ask for a large amount of personal data.

There are even mailings that look as if they come from the bank that services the homeowner’s mortgage. Again, always read the entire mailing, particularly the fine print. Research the company to ensure it and its product are legitimate.

Keep in mind that new homeowners mailing lists are a hot commodity and that homeowners get inundated with offers of everything from a copy of the deed, to alarm systems, to pest control, and so on. Many will be legitimate offers from legitimate companies. But many may be misleading or even scams.  


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