Consumers Receive Phone Calls From Scammers Claiming To Be Microsoft Support

October 07, 2013

Columbus, Georgia – October 7, 2013 – BBB has received several complaints from consumers who received phone calls from individuals who state that they are Microsoft Support employees. They “alert” the victim that their computer is uploading viruses to the server. They wish for you to provide them with your computer information so that they can remotely access it and get rid of the problem for you. Sometimes they will even ask you to go to a website, such as, as “proof” of their legitimacy.

Of course, nothing can be further from the truth. This is the return of an old scam. The scammers are trying to get you to provide them with remote access to your computer so that they can get hold of all your private information located on your hard drive (such as saved documents, scans, pictures, etc.) and possibly even logins and passwords to various sites that you might be storing there as well. 

If you receive a phone call such as this, BBB advises you to: 

  • Hang up immediately
  • Do not try to call the number back
  • Do not provide any information which will allow the caller remote access to your computer
  • Oftentimes a simple internet search about the nature of the call will bring a wealth of information and alert you to it being a scam
  • Contact your local BBB for assistance
  • If you have allowed the caller remote access, immediately get in touch with your banking institutions, check your credit, change passwords, and take any other steps necessary to mitigate the fallout


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