Educational Consumer Tips

Carpet Cleaning

Author: Better Business Bureau

The following comments provide general information for consumers, and do not necessarily reflect the practices or record of any particular company.

Make sure you define what a room is. Are halls and closets considered part of the room? Is there a size limitation when taking advantage of a sales offer? Does the company use household water or power source or do they use their own? What type of cleaning equipment is used and are employees properly trained on the equipment? Is the firm licensed and bonded? Request that the cleaning method be tested on a section of the carpet that is unseen. Identify the source of stains when possible. Does the company have a special type of stain remover for that stain? If the company also cleans furniture, what is the method used. How soon can furniture be placed back on the rug? Read the contract and check for warranties or guarantees. Are there any costs beyond that which was advertised. Check with the BBB before you do any business with a company especially if there is an advertised special.