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Better Business Bureau

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The Better Business Bureau provides Ad Review in order to:


  1. Foster Business Self-Regulation, and
  2. Maintain public confidence in business, thereby eliminating subsequent consumer and competitive complaints.


The Better Business Bureau does this by:


  1. Identifying cases of misleading, deceptive or untruthful advertising
  2. Communicating with the company whose advertising is being reviewed in order to seek voluntary substantiation or modification of the claim(s) in question.


Some sources used for Ad Review are:


  1. The BBB Code of Advertising
  2. National Guidelines or Laws (,
  3. State/Provincial Laws (consumer protection, false advertising laws, etc.
  4. Local Statutes (going out of business sales, etc.)
  5. Do’s and Don’ts on Advertising


When an Ad Review case is opened, the business whose advertising is being challenged is sent a letter with a copy of the ad and the relevant code, law, statute, etc. that their ad conflicts with. Information regarding the Ad Review challenge is place in their Reliability Report.


If the business responds by substantiating their claim or modifying their ad, the Reliability Report shows that this business has responded positively and they are compliance with advertising code.


Failure to respond results in negative language in the Reliability Report and affects their BBB Rating.