Accreditation Benefits

BBB Accredited Business Benefits

BBB Accreditation is not just another membership; it is a partnership that benefits businesses and consumers alike. Take a look at what BBB accreditation can bring to your business: 

  • Business Review on the BBB website that includes your company profile, photos of products, business, or employees, map & directions, exchange & refund policies, etc.
  • E-quote link on Business Review for prospective customers
  • Use of Accredited Business BBB seal in your advertisements, directory listings, brochures, invoices, business cards, etc.
  • Increased consumer confidence
  • Boost to your business reputation
  • Weekly e-mail tips and quarterly e-newsletter
  • Sponsorship opportunities in co-op advertising
  • Annual Torch Awards for Integrity
  • Annual Integrity Invitational Golf Tournament
  • Access to Accredited BusinessResourceCenter
  • Conference room available for seminars
  • Assistance in complaint resolution if necessary


     Optional Programs

  • Military Marketplace Code of Ethics ( no additional fee)
  • BBB OnLine Program – includes a dynamic online seal that links your company’s website to your Business Review and a customized QR Code (for smart phone users) that will direct the user to your Business Review (additional fee applies)


Consumer Services                                                           

BBB serves as a customer satisfaction department

Offers dispute resolution  

Monitors industry trade practices & methods

Monitors fraud patterns, co-operates with media and law enforcement



 Provides business and consumer with information, tips & alerts

Educational programs for students

Referral information to Local, State and Federal Agencies