Torch Award Advertising Guidelines







Winners, First Runner-ups and Honorable Mentions may advertise their Torch Award in newspapers, periodicals, direct mail, billboards, annual reports, posters, flyers, television and radio spots, OFF LINE yellow page advertisements and directories within the Better Business Bureau’s service area; and ON LINE, on the company web site even if the web site is outside the BBB’s service area.  (This is the only instance where a company may advertise its receipt of an award outside the BBB service area.)


Note:  Unless a Torch Award recipient is a participant in the BBB OnLine Program, they cannot show their BBB Accreditation or BBB Rating.  Only the receipt of their Torch Award can be advertised.

If a business is interested in becoming accredited with the Better Business Bureau and participating in the BBB OnLine Program, please contact us at



        Torch Award recipients can use the graphic shown below and/or

        reproduce a copy of the award, which must include the date of receipt as follows:  “Year,” “Recognition Received,” and “Geographical area).









First Runner-Up


Honorable Mention



  • Reproduce a photograph of their receiving the award, provided the year is clearly visible
  • Issue announcements and press releases about the receipt of the award with 2 weeks of its receipt; and/or
  • Make a brief factual statement about the award and the required business qualifications that led to their recognition



A business may advertise for the award indefinitely, but only as long they maintain a B rating at the BBB.