How To Answer a Complaint


How to Respond to a Complaint

IMPORTANT! An unanswered or unresolved complaint will negatively affect a company's BBB Rating!

This dispute resolution method is known as "CONCILIATION."  For information on all BBB dispute resolution methods, see Click Here.

If you have provided us with an email address for yourself or whoever handles you complaint, handling the response is quick and simple.  You should respond within 7 working days.  If there will be a delay for any reason, please contact the BBB so that the delay will not affect your rating.

You will receive an email notification that appears like the one below. Please follow the directions in the email:

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                  Complaint ID # _______
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What Do I Do Next?


Send complaint to business

The Better Business Bureau has         forwarded a message from the           consumer to you and is awaiting                  your response. Sent Via: Email (ODR)

From: BBB

of W. Georgia – E. Alabama & S.W. Georgia


Complaint Handler NameIs Here

To Email:

Complaint Handler Email Address Is Here


Send complaint to business

Date Sent:

Date Is Here



In the meantime:

Respond to this complaint
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      Company Address Is Here

Date Is Here


BBB Case # and Consumer’s Name

Dear Complaint Handler’s Name:

The Better Business Bureau has received a customer concern about your

Business. The concern was submitted on (date complaint received) BBB

Case # _______________.

Below is the information provided by the consumer. The BBB requests that

you please review this information and respond within the next 7 working days.

To respond to this complaint simply click on the "Respond to his Complaint", link located on the left, when you are ready to answer.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Our hopes are that you will recognize this BBB service as a positive effort. Our intent is to be of assistance only to the extent that we may accomplish a fair and reasonable resolve.

We thank you for your timely reply.


If we do not have a complaint handler email address on file, we will notify you concerning the complaint via U.S. Mail.  You still have 7 working days to reply or inform the Better Business Bureau that there will be a delay.

You can respond to complaints received in the U.S. Mail in one or two ways.  1)  You can send the response via email to and advise us to use this email address for any future complaints, or 2) you can respond via the U.S. Mail to BBB, PO Box 2587, Columbus, Georgia  31902.

If you have any questions regarding the complaint, please contact the BBB as soon as possible.

If a successful resolution cannot be reached through this conciliation process, you and the consumer may agree to mediation or arbitration rather than leave it unresolved.  For information on Mediation and Arbitration, Click Here.

IMPORTANT!   Failure to respond to a complaint will have a negative impact on your Better Business Bureau rating.