Because a marketplace without complaints is an idyll that does not yet exist, the BBB offers our Dispute Resolution Program. We assist consumers and businesses in trying to resolve their differences, which allows us (in most cases) to re-establish and promote a position of "Trust". The BBB maintains it's neutrality by assisting both sides in reaching a "fair and reasonable resolve". 

We advise businesses to always respond to the complaint and to do so in a professional, calm manner. A complaint can be an opportunity to learn, improve, and create good will with consumers.

When a complaint is received, BBB staff must first review it to ensure the complaint falls within the scope of matters handled by BBB.  If a complaint meets the following criteria, it must be accepted by BBB and treated as a complaint for purposes of reporting.

 Complaints Accepted by BBB

BBBs accept all complaints that meet the following criteria:

 1. The complaint includes the complainant’s name and postal address

2. The complaint includes the business’s name and provides sufficient information to determine the business’s location

3. The complaint seeks assistance from BBB

4. The complaint is from a customer, or the customer’s authorized representative, of the business complained about

5. The complaint relates to a marketplace issue

6. The complaint alleges a problem experienced with the services or products that the business provided or allegedly agreed to provide

7. The complaint is not in litigation and has not have been resolved by a previous court action, arbitration, or settlement between the parties

8. The complaint contains no abusive language.