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Being a member of the BBB and having a listing on can be one of the strongest things you can do for your online presence.
February 02, 2011

February 02, 2011 - Columbia, SC - Being a member of the BBB and having a listing on can be one of the strongest things you can do for your online presence. The most important "person" to see your online influence with the BBB is Google, and other search engines.

In a few short weeks BBB of Central SC and Charleston will be launching a brand new reliability report, now called your Business Review. Now you can leverage BBB's reach through our newly enhanced Business Reviews. With exciting new interactive features and a completely redesigned look, it's your own page on our website.

BBB Accredited Businesses Can...

  • Highlight your products and services with up to 5 pictures and a video.
  • Improve your ranking on search engines
  • "Share" your business through social media outlets like Facebook
  • Offer downloadable coupons
  • Give hours of operation, directions and refund policy details

Consumers can interact with your report using 4 new report tabs: Overview, Complaints, Photos/Videos, and Directions. Several of the new features are available ONLY to Accredited Businesses, such as Photos, Videos, and Coupons.

Here are five reasons why your BBB listing improves your search engine results!

5. BBB's Website in Top 1%. Google has recognized the BBB in the top 1% of all U.S. organizations as a "Favorite Place!" What does that mean? Put simply, the BBB is one of the most popular websites in the country as measured by how many times people clicked on for information.

4. Visitor Trust. One reason you want the BBB name or logo for your website is the same reason that a business might want the BBB plaque for their office - to establish trust between your potential customers and your business. Even if they don't know what the BBB is or what it stands for, the word "accredited" has a nice ring to it. From an SEO standpoint, it is helpful to have links going out from your website to other high-authority websites, and is about as high-authority as it gets.

3. Natural Links. Another great benefit from a listing on is that you will likely over time receive some pretty decent natural listings as well, meaning that you didn't have to ask for the links or actively pursue them in any way. The metamorphosis of the Google PageRank™ system has taken place because people have built linking systems that can enable a single website with cash to get literally thousands of links back to their websites --- skewing the Google search results in ways that are not always advantageous to Google searchers. Because of this, Google is fighting back employing a number of techniques. Natural linking is far better. Natural linking promises to deliver a more accurate representation of the content contained on the destination website. By gaining a more accurate representation of the contents of a website, the search engines can once again offer their users more accurate and more valuable search results.

Local Association/Citation. The same thing is true for your local listings, such as Google Local. Local listings do look at your links online, but they also look at "citations" - places where your address is posted. Having your physical address on the website is hugely helpful, and here's why...

1. Trust Value. This is really the whole reason to get your business listed on To be a member of the Better Business Bureau, you have to agree to our code of business practices, which revolve entirely around truth, honor and honesty in your business practice. Search engines like Google are fully aware of this, so when you become a member and get a listing on, you're basically waving a huge flag at Google, saying, "Look at me, and how trustworthy I am!"

One of the few things that SEO's know about search engines like Google for an absolute certainty is that trust is a HUGE ranking factor. If you want search engines to think you are a more trustworthy business than your competitors, a listing is a great way to go.

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