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8 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
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Billing / Collection Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues2
Problems with Product / Service5
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
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05/11/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Poor customer service and poor job fixing the problem.
I called All American Air to fix my unit. They came out on a Saturday. The guy was very nice and I think he did what he thought was best but it did not work. He first thought we were the landlords not the owner and so we had no clue what he was doing and didn't know the price until he was done. Fine I thought, as long as it works. So now we have a new thermostat and that that was the problem so we paid 275. I thought we could have gotten that at lowe's for 60.00 but I understand they have to make money so no big deal.It didn't work so we called him back out, which he came back out same day. Didn't do next to nothing and told us it was the wiring and it would cost alot to fix it. We decided to get a 2nd opinion and they told us it was not the wiring and we didn't even need the the thermostat it was the defrost board. So now I paid them 275.00 for something we didn't need and called and talked to the owners wife and she said he would call me back as far as a refund. Of course its now a week later and I have not heard from him! Amazing how they will run to your door when they want to take your money but you can't get a return call for there work that did nothing. I don't mind paying 85.00 for a service call but I am out 190.00 for a thermostat that I didn't need and a unit that they did nothing to fix. Nice people but the unit wasn't fixed and that is the key.

Desired Settlement
I want 190.00 back of the 275.00 I paid. I do not mine paying them 85.00 for a service call but I should not have to pay for a thermostat I didn't need that took all of 5 minutes to install. They can have there thermostat back if they give me mine back. I just want a fair deal and paying 275.00 and my A/C wasn't fixed isn't a fair deal. Do the right thing! Thanks!

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** *****
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ******
April 11, 2015
An All American Heating and Air technician did respond to a call on April 11, Saturday, to the *** ***** address
Technician diagnosis: No power from T-stat to reversing valve outside(this is diagnosed by attaching a voltage meter to t-stat) No power from T-stat
After homeowner and technician established that no landlord /tenant situation was involved, the homeowner agreed to have T-stat replaced at $275.00
The unit came on and was cooling when technician left property.
April 11, 2015 (same day) Unit stopped cooling
Homeowner called All American again and Technician returned. Unit not cooling Technician traced T-stat wiring under home and discovered a dog had chewed through some of the wiring.The technician repaired this wiring. The unit was then cooling properly and the technician told the homeowner that the control board /defrost board could possibly be bad and instructed the homeowner to call him back if any problems. Homeowner did not want to spend money on control board if not needed.
All American never heard anything back from the homeowner until he called requesting a refund for replacing his T-stat or at least $190 of the $275 allowing a $85 service call fee
All American Repaired wiring and replaced a bad T-stat(the old broken T-stat was thrown away)
Homeowner never called All American back to let us know the unit had stopped cooling
Instead he called "a 2nd opinion" who,as predicted, told him it was the control board/defrost board which is what the All American tech said might be the case if the unit stopped cooling again.
This is where All American Heating and Air technician tried to save the homeowner money per mutual agreement.
The homeowner did not want to spend the money on a defrost board if not needed. Our tech thought it might go bad but did not replace the defrost board until absolutely sure it was needed. If the unit stopped cooling again after the initial repairs of the bad wiring and replacing old T/stat then the defrost board would have to be replaced. This was told to the homeowner on 4-11-2015
All American was not notified that unit stopped cooling
Homeowner states The "2nd opinion" said wiring not bad and T-stat did not need to be replaced...(this is someone who never saw the bad T-stat or the chewed wiring)
Facts: All American does not have the old T-stat
All American did the repair of wiring and replaced the T-stat as agreed to by homeowner with the understanding that the defrost/control might be bad and the homeowner was to call us back if the unit stopped cooling
It is the opinion of All American Heating and Air that NO refund is warranted for the agreed on services provided.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The reason I did not call All American back is because they were in my house twice in one day and could not fix it. The technician said it could be multiple things and the next step would be replace the wiring between the unit and T-stat and that would be expensive. So he has been there twice in one day and I have spent 275.00 and my unit is still not working and they think I am going to call them in a 3rd time? If you go eat at a restaurant and they mess your order up twice and still charge you for it and say they will get it right next time are you going back? I gave them two chances in one day and got absolutely nothing out of it. I have two different opinions stating I did not need a T-Stat and have them on paper. The 2nd company came in and replaced the defrost board for 85.00 and it was fixed. I spoke with ****** on a Friday about this complaint and she said her husband would call me back the next Monday and he didn't. I gave him a week and didn't here a thing from them, no return call at all! Now of course they do not want to stand behind there work, which is absolutely no surprise. The facade of great customer service ends after they have your check! I still expect a refund for not only poor customer service but the fact that after 2 times I was not calling back a 3rd, that is obsurd to think I would call back again.

Final Business Response
All American will refund this customer $125 to help with these expenses.
The unit was cooling and operating properly on Saturday April 11, 2015 when our technician left on both occasions. Several visits to save money and "wait and see" if another part is needed doesn't occur every day but it does happen. The customer was informed that the defrost/control board might go bad and agreed not to replace it unless unit stopped cooling.
All American stands behind the diagnosis and repairs made by our technician.
The other "two written opinions" looked at this unit AFTER new T-stat and AFTER repairs made to wiring. All the unit needed at this point was the defrost board.. All American told customer that may happen on day one.
The T-stat was bad and did need to be replaced. Customer was told the defrost board would likely need to be replaced but it was still working.
ALL AMERICAN HEATING AND AIR does not replace parts that are still working As stated earlier, if the unit stopped cooling, the control/defrost board would be the next in line to replace.
This is how we do business and it is a good business practice. It is fair and reasonable to save money for the customer.
Hopefully this will help the customer better understand that All American Heating and Air does indeed stand behind our work.
Note: As far as waiting for a call from the owner, that does sounds like poor service. I do not know how that happened and I apologize for this problem. I will do a little further checking on procedures for follow up on complaints as this is one of my responsibilities. I do want to say I am sorry again that you did not receive a call back and hope that this refund will help a little. I will place this check in the mail today, May 7, 2015.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

04/16/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

I hired the business to install a new air conditioning unit at my home. I have had issues with the new unit since the day it was installed.
The company installed a new Goodman 2 ton air conditioning unit and enlarged my air return at my home in March 2014. I do not know the exact date of my first issue, but it was around two months after the install. I called stating that my house was not cooling like it should. On an average 85-90 degree day I could not get my unit to cool the house below 76/77 degrees. A technician came to my home and after around two hours and multiple phone calls to his employer he said that he couldn't find anything wrong with my system other than it might being a "tad" low on refrigerant. The technician added some refrigerant but said that was all he could do. For the remainder of the summer I accepted the fact that my house was not going to cool like I thought it should. Almost exactly a year later on April 7 2015 I turned my AC on and come home to find that my house was not cooling at all. I called the company to schedule a time to come check my unit out. I was told that my 1 year labor warranty was up and that the service call along with any labor needed for the repair would be at full price. I explained to the person on the phone that I understand the whole 1 year labor warranty, but this is an existing issue that I have called about previously and have been dealing with since the unit was first installed. I stated that the issue should still be honored under the original warranty. After discussing the issue for a while I decided that regardless of the outcome of my complaint, I still need my unit fixed asap since I have a young child in the house. The person on the phone didn't act like he/she cared about looking at ways to help resolve the issue. I would say that customer service was sub par. When I tried scheduling a visit I was informed that they were not able to see me that evening and they do not schedule appointments. The best they could do is give me a 30min notice. The person couldn't even tell me if it would be a day or evening visit. I informed the person on the phone that I was in the military and I can't just up in leave without some type advance notice. The person on the phone was not rude, but he/she was not making any attempt to help resolve my issue. I ended up calling a different repair company who came out and repaired my system. They found that my system was 4 pounds low on refrigerant and my leak was coming from a loose nut on my evaporator coil located under my house. In my opinion, this is a workmanship issue from the initial install and should be covered under the warranty. If there was an actual attempt to provide customer service, which would of included listening to the problem and working with me on resolving my complaint I'm sure that this could of been handled differently.

Desired Settlement
I am not seeking to be completely refunded for my repair bill, but I would like a partial refund of half the repair cost. My total bill for the repair is $852.00. I would like to be refunded $426.00 which is half of my repair bill. I have all supporting documents dealing with the repair.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** ***** VP
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ******
First of all let me apologize for the manner in which your latest phone call was handled. This is not how we want our customer to feel when calling for help. The dispatcher or whomever you spoke with should have asked the service manager or owner to speak with you and for this omission I do apologize. The nut that was loose on the coil under the house is something that happens from time to time.
The nut can "work its way loose' Freon R 410 which your unit uses, is $35 to $40 per pound; you had 4 pounds put in and the nut tightened or replaced.
You definitely were overcharged by the company you had make the repair! I again am sorry for this as we should have made arrangements to meet you for the repair on your unit since we installed it. We generally tell the customer before 1pm or after 1 pm with a 30m minute notice. However if a customer needs a longer notice or after 4pm as with school teachers, we can make and often make exceptions
For repair and freon from what you wrote above, our charge would have been a little under $300.
I would like to offer you a $150 refund and hope that you will call us back in the future. We appreciate your trust in allowing All American to install your unit and would like to earn your trust again to take care of your home in the future. Let us know if this is agreeable to you.

06/17/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We purchased a hearing/air conditioning unit from All American Heating and Air just over two years ago, and they installed it. In that time the unit has broken down three times, each time due to parts failure. I spoke with the owner of All American Heating and Air, and he told me these were quality problems by the manufacturer, Nordine, and I should complain to them. My answer was that I am his customer, not theirs, but I also called Nordine. The warranty is for replacement of parts, not for shipping and labor, and I understand that, but a new unit should not break down three times in two years. The most recent problem was failure of the condenser coil, and the owner of All American told me it was due to bad copper and that the replacement coil would be made of aluminum. Nordine tells me to take it up with All American and they tell me to go through Nordine, but no one wants to stand behind the product they sell. I believe this unit is a lemon and should be handled outside the warrant. They need to reimburse us for shipping and labor costs and install a new unit without cost to us. We've spent hundreds of dollars to repair a faulty product, and neither company wants to take responsiblity. The owner of All American told me the most recent repair would be done at a discount, no more than $250-300, but his technician charged us nearly $400. The automotive industry has a lemon policy, but neither of these companies is willing to accept responsility for this one.
Product_Or_Service: Westinghouse Gas Pack
Order_Number: XXXXX
Account_Number: S#R6FXXXXXXXXX

Desired Settlement
We should be reimbursed for the money we've spent on shippping and repair, and they should install a new unit at no charge to us. We have spent $900 in repairs since we purchased the unit in 2011 and this is supposedly not including the parts that were covered under warranty.

Business Response
So sorry for not responding in a more timely fashion(Email confusion on my part)
I personally, as well as the owner and service manager, are well aware of the problems you have had since the purchase of this unit, We contacted the Warranty holder, Nordine, on your behalf, at your request, on April 7, 2014 and started a ticket number for your warranty between you , the homeowner.,and warranty holder,Nordine
This was to be followed up by you the homeowner and the company you have the warranty through, Nordine (It is not customary practice for an HVAC contractor to contact a warranty company whom the homeowner has a warranty through. In fact many warranty companies will only speak with the policy holder)
We heard nothing else from you or Nordine until this BBB complaint.

So.... now for some background

9/26/2011 Installed 3Ton 14SEER Westinghouse Gas Pack $5500.00 One year labor 10 year parts 10 year Quality Pledge

5-16-2013 replaced a X-13 motor for $250

2-24-2014 replaced igniter $143.95 and offered a maintenance agreement(declined) two and a half years after installation

4-4-2014 evaporator coil leaking Deposit of $175
Informed customer the coil replacement would be between 300 and 400 dollars depending on shipping as shipping and handling is not covered by warranty The owner explained that the coils being made today are made of a better product than in 2011 The owner also agreed to charge only about one half the going rate for under warranty coil replacement in the Midlands

Customer not happy with these problems We talked at length with Mr *********** and All American agreed to contact the warranty company on his behalf.

April 6, 2014 an email letter voicing the homeowners discontent was received and read basically requesting that All American take this matter up with the manufacturer of the unit and work to get him a new unit as he felt this one was a lemon

April 7, 2014 A ticket # was initiated with the warranty company by All American on behalf of Mr ***********. Nordine Warranty Company and Mr ********** are in the warranty contract with each other . The Nordine representative's name and phone number were given to Mr ********** for him to follow up with.Representative's name and Nordine ticket Warranty number request are on file at All American as well.

This will be no consolation to Mr ********** but unfortunately this is not an isolated event .
Until the expense of paying shipping and handling and labor costs for new coil the expenses weren't too high
Again, unfortunately for this homeowner, after 2 and 1/2 years , the evaporator coil leaks.
On a given week in hot summer weather, All American finds 20 plus coils leaking that have to be replaced! This is not specific to All American or to any particular brand at this time. Industry wide this is a huge concern for all involved, particularly the homeowner.

We stress to the homeowners to purchase a yearly maintenance agreement to help take care of the unit during the year All American heating and Air will check the unit two times... cleaning the coils, changing filters, checking all connections and hookups and motors and levels . We even come out a third time during the contract year if needed for free.Mr Hufstetler declined a maintenance agreement. Mr Hufstetler stated in his email on April 6, 2014,that All American has the right to refuse his requests to replace his unit free of charge just as he states he "has the right to go on Angie's List or any where else that will listen and complain about this kind of service"
All American Heating and Air does stand behind the products we sale to the homeowners and we purchase the best products being manufactured at any given point in time.
We do encourage every homeowner to have a maintenance contract or yearly service plan with a qualified HVAC contractor. Many warranty companies require the warranty holder, the homeowner , to purchase a maintenance agreement and to keep it actively up to date in order for the warranty to remain in effect.

I am very sorry your unit has had issues in the first 2 and 1/2 years of your purchase.
Please consider getting a maintenance agreement with us or with some other licensed contractor so that a closer eye can be kept on your system's ongoing performance. We did install your unit and will help you maintain it properly if you choose to do so.

Consumer Response
I read the response and found it duplicitous. It is true that All American told me to contact Nordine, and I did. Their response was that I should go back to All American. One of these companies manufactured what I believe is a lemon of a product, and the other sold it to me. Now, neither is willing to stand behind the product. The argument about a maintenance agreement is simply a ruse. We asked the technician and the service manager whether any of these expenses would have been covered by a maitnance agreement (cost of shipping and installation), and they said they would not. If the assumption is that they could've identified the problems in advance, I find that logic seriously flawed. The owner of All American told me the problem with the leaking coil was due to the manufacturer using poor grade copper. How would a technician identify and correct that in advance? On pricing, the owner told me that our cost for the leaking coil would not be more than $250 and then they charged us $400. We keep paying for a product that simply won't hold up, a lemon, and All American keeps making money on it. This is just bad business.

***** ***********

Final Business Response
All American Heating and Air does stand by their word
A business has to have integrity to remain in business.
We are sorry you have had some problems with your system
We remain available to help you with future concerns
By the way, I did get the transcript from your conversation with the warranty company, Nordine, and also Nordine is the Manufacturer in this case, Nordine basically reiterated what the Warranty company covers which is the cost of the part, the new coil
They did refer you back to us, All American heating and Air for labor shipping and handling.
The owner agrees to give you a refund back on what you remember him telling you, that is $250, for the coil replacement. You stated you paid $400
All American will today place a check to your home address in the amount of $150
This is not a refund for shipping and handling but a token to let you know that we are a company that stands behind our word.

11/02/2015Billing / Collection Issues
07/13/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I called to have my air condition serviced. The repairman did not give an accurate account of the findings. I was overcharged & still no AC.
On Saturday (June 20, 2015) afternoon my wife called into All American around 4:30 pm about problems we were having with our AC. The customer service person said that there is an initial fee ($105) but the fee is waived if services are rendered. The repairman said that i needed a new capacitor. The air was circulating when and before he came. It was just blowing warm air. He suggested that I leave on my window unit and allow it to take some time before I would notice the difference. He said the cost would be $250 to replace. We signed the form and he was gone after 10 mins. We did as instructed and kept the air running for the remaining of the night. However, when we woke up the house was still very warm and the temperature had gone up to 80 degrees and it was only 7am. We then called another licensed repairman and he said that not only was I overcharged for the capacitor but my Freon levels were below 20 when on average it should be around 70. This was especially alarming since the repairman listed that our Freon levels were good on the invoice. My wife called American Air the next morning (Monday June 22, 2015) and explained the problem that we were still without cool air. The customer service person said that they had to look up the order and would return our call. Three hrs later still no call. I called them after 12 that afternoon and the person said they did not have a complaint on file and that the repairman said that we were satisfied with the services when he was there. We explained to the woman that we were not and never said that we were and we were STILL without air. This is especially concerning to us because we have 4 small children in the home. I do not have a problem with paying for the replacement part but I believe it is Highly unethical to make us pay for services that we never received. They said that our Freon levels were good but when the second repairman came in he pointed out that there was NO Freon. However, our repairman said on the invoice that the levels were good. We basically paid 250.00 for a part that doesn't work! When we called to ask for a refund the customer service person said that we would have to speak to a supervisor but none were available and she did not know when one would be available. Meanwhile, I am still in a very hot house in the middle of summer with 4 small kids and out of $250 plus the additional cost I had to pay the 2nd repairman to put Freon in the AC. We feel that American Air has taken advantage of us and tried to pull a quick one over our eyes. Please assist us with this unethical practice!

Desired Settlement
I would like a refund minus the cost for the part. I was told by the 2nd repair man that the part is no more than $10. The repair man was here for less than 10 mins so I am not sure I should be paying for a full hour of labor. And the part did not correct the problem so I will need to hiring another company to complete the repairs.

Business Response
6-20-2015 All American Heating and Air did indeed respond to this home and replaced a bad dual capacitor, 35/5 mfd . The technician documented freon pressures good and system operating.
Many homes were and still are at 80 degrees or above this week and last week due to record breaking heat wave of triple digits several consecutive days. We were unable to do same day service on some customers.
However, in this case, a service call was made on the same day, Sat PM, and a problem was found and the repair was made. The family was informed that the cooling will not be immediate after replacing this capacitor. Again all gauges read normal and showed Freon levels to be good.
The wife signed to have repairs made at $250 and the husband signed after the technician made the repairs with instructions that if his unit did not start cooling off to give him a call back. The actual part , a new capacitor, and the labor, knowledge and experience and license to install the capacitor and hook up and read and interpret all the gauges are considered when setting a price for that job.
The family chose not to inform All American Heating and Air but instead the wife called someone else who according to the husband put refrigerant in the system and it began cooling.
The wife called our office on Monday and unfortunately the dispatcher gave the technician the wrong phone number to call her back. The tech then went out on the road to run service calls for the day. I received the complaint at 11:40 am on Monday and called and spoke with the husband and told him I was sorry he did not have cooling as soon as expected and asked why he did not call us back. He said his wife was upset and wanted to call someone else. I told him I had to talk to the tech involved and would call him back.
Same day June 22 2015
I did call him back around 2 pm after speaking with tech Customer was more upset on this exchange and cursed freely and threatened our technician over the phone to me (all is recorded)
I asked him not to use that language.
I figured at this point he was just venting. Everyone has been so hot this week and last week. He did go on to say that he wanted his $60 back which he had to pay a second person to add Freon. I told him I would contact the owner who was also out running service calls and I would call him back.
He proceeded to tell me that I had 2 hours until 4pm to call him back or he would have his wife go to the BBB. He said "my wife is a good writer and she writes for" and he named a news column.
I called him back at 3pm to let him know I got approval for sending him $60 back as he had requested and I had already written the check and was just writing a note to him before placing it in the mail.
The husband told me that his wife said to "Keep my money" and that she had paid $250 for a part and her unit did not cool afterwards. I told the husband that the new capacitor was mainly responsible for his unit working today even though some one had charged them $60 to put in Freon. I asked several times what company but the husband did not know. He just said he drove a big black SUV, was a big black man and gave me a name of the man who put in Freon. He did" not know the company. I see in the complaint a "licensed repairman". . I reminded him that he and his wife had approved the price and the repair for the capacitor. I further reminded him that he and his wife were told to call us back if it did not cool down.
The husband was very upset by now as evidenced by his use of more profanity and a louder volume of speaking.
He repeated over and over and over "I tell you what I'm gonna do, I tell you what I'm gonna do"
I am calling my lawyer and you can pay for that I am going to the BBB and you can pay for that on and on. I told him all of that would be a waste of time and before I could say another word, The husband said "my wife has all the time in the world" Then he abruptly said, "you lying f___ing bi___ and hung up the phone.(all calls are recorded)

I have already offered to pay the $60 back that they paid a second person.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This is Mrs. ********. I believe that American Heating and Air has misrepresented our family to the fullest. I am not sure what they are trying to prove with their recorded conversations but if you have so much recorded how about the conversation that I had with the representative at 9 am that Monday morning? I was POLITE...I asked for direction as of what my next step should be and I also informed you all that the technician did NOT put any Freon in my air because I could not afford to pay him at that point but I did pay for the initial visit. The representative asked if the technician did any work and my reply was, "No, but I do have a list of what he felt needed servicing." The phone rep said that they had to pull up the service order and would give me a call back! That call never came. IT is then that my husband stepped in and tried to resolve the matter. I had to call another company Contractor Link Heating and Air. The repairman wrote a very thorough report on all the things wrong with AC. He said that it was no way that American Heating and Air could even think that they fixed the problem because the gages were not reading properly and the coils needed to be cleaned. I have a copy of the full report. So American and Air is trying to portray my family as if we called with relentless cursing but they are not or have not indicated one word about MY demeanor before which was very pleasant, calm and respectful. I am not sure how they expect a person to react when they feel that they have been taken advantage of. I would like to see how "polite" they treat a person that they feel has robbed them! I was also misrepresented by saying we sent out idle threats. All we have ever asked was for our AC to be serviced properly and we were not treated fairly because we were charged $250 for "Knowledge" and not for an actual repair of our equipment. If my memory serves me correctly...I was only to be charged $105 for your knowledge not $250. The bottom line is we had to have a reputable technician come in after we thought a problem was fixed. According to your invoice it says one thing but the 2nd technician found Many things. So the question now is what was the $250 for??? I guess KNOWLEDGE. No disrespect but your Knowledge was not worth $250 because our air was still not working. I am not aware of any compensation offered or anything else from this company not even an apology. Do not blame the heat or anything else the truth is you all took advantage of nice people and you felt that nothing was going to be done about it. It will be my mission to let everyone know what kind of business they are dealing with. I hope you can sleep at night knowing that you took money from a hard working interracial family that had no reason to fabricate or tarnish anyone's image or business. We were mistreated and it is your company's responsibility to stand behind your work not just your KNOWLEDGE.

Final Business Response
Mrs ******** If you like All American will provide
the recorded conversations from Mr ******** to the Better Business Bureau. The offers of apology and refunds are also recorded.

05/18/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

CALLED (803) 796-8356 AND ASKED 4 A/C REPAIR. they came tuesday april 28thalthough they state free estimateI got nothing in writing the 1st thing they said was I had to pay $85 fee for trip fee. I paid. then they said o 700 so I paidthen they came back to door and said another $100. It was paid. Stephen was repairman number 1.hen I left and when I got back they had put a new motor and said I owed another $400. They never called or textI paid cash each time....they asked. After the $400 I said I want a refund or get out of my yard...They left and never gave me a receipt for what I paid in cash. I called bobbi to et a copy and they said I could have someone pick up. refuse 2 give me receipt
Product_Or_Service: ac repair

Desired Settlement
I want a receipt for cash paid for Tuesday april 28th work done at ** ******* **

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** *****
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ******
April 28, 2015
Customer called with complaint of no AC
Tech from All American Heating and Air responded
customer met the technician at the home
Tech found disconnects pulled out from wall and parts missing.This gave the appearance that someone had tried to steal the unit.
Also Found 10/2 wire going to heat strips on 10/K strips and 60 AMP Breaker. Technician informed man, who identified himself as homeowner, about the needed repairs and homeowner APPROVED a surge protector for an additional $200
Technician Replaced 2 two disconnects
Replaced WHIP with 6/2 wire and new seal tight
Those repairs agreed to at $$600
Installed surge protector #200 APPROVED BY of "homeowner"
Tech informed homeowner that these aforementioned repairs would get the unit running but then and only then would tech know if anything else was wrong with the whole system. After paying $800,the supposed homeowner then left the property It was at this time that service manager was summoned to assist with job Service manager soon discovered that the blower motor was bad and needed to be replaced.(The Other repairs were needed to get the unit running before blower motor function could be accessed).
1/3 240 VOLT Blower motor motor and labor usually $650 but Service Manager agreed to do it for $400 additional
Second man called supposed homeowner who said he did not have any more money .The second then man called his mother in Spring Valley who agreed to bring money to All American Heating and Air office on Wed April 29th instead of driving all the way to their West Columbia home that evening.
After installing a new motor with promise of $400 payment next morning, the supposed homeowner returns demanding his $800 back and states he's not putting any more money into that unit Supposed homeowner stated"somebody's going to give me my money back or something is going to happen and get off my property immediately" " by this time (5)five more men had come into the yard and the service manager called the owner about the threats. The All American techs left keeping the $800 and the customer still owing $400. By this time the service manager had contacted the owner who also told them to leave all equipment that they had installed or repaired and to leave property.

Customer called requesting a copy of invoice, told to come get invoice copy which would show receipt of $800 and owing balance of $400
It turns out the customer, who approved the repairs, paid the $800 and owed a balance of $400 was not the homeowner.
The homeowner is not the person making this complaint. The true homeowner has since provided tax documents via email proving her ownership of the property.
The owner of All American heating and Air told the homeowner if she wanted All American to remove the surge protector that would take $200 off the balance thus owing only $200.
Stipulation being:
The tenant who threatened our All American techs could not be present and the homeowner would need to be present She would need to have the $200 balance to give us at the time of the removal of the surge protector. She refused this offer.

Again the person who called All American and the person making this complaint and the person who paid the $800 lives in this home and has the same last name as the homeowner. Their relationship is not known to All American Heating and Air
WHILE the true homeowner was at All American Heating and Air office, she told the owner that the "young boys" at the home were taken advantage of by All American technicians when in actuality the techs are within 3 years of the age of the "young boys".
If anyone is being taken advantage of, it is All American Heating and Air who performed the approved repairs by a man who identified himself as the homeowner(and the second man who was to get money from his mother) and furthermore All American agreed to do this on a promise of next day payment and has not been paid the remaining balance of $400.
Resolution:Homeowner requests copy of invoice
A copy of the invoice and payments made $800 and balance owed $400 can indeed be obtained from All American Heating and Air by the homeowner.

03/05/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

All American installed on February 28, 2013 a 2 ton Goodman Heat Pump with attic insulation at my residence at *** ***** ******* Columbia, SC in the amount of $5,565.00When used the unit for the first time, the unit failed to produce any cool air. On June 24, 2013, one of All American's technicians ******* looked at the unit and wrote on the DESCRIPTION OF WORK PERFORMED: "Found short in fan circuitto attic in thermostate wire. Changed colors, cooling properlyat this time".On February 4, 2013 I called All American heating and air informing them that the unit was not heating properly. Thegentleman, whose name I don't know, was extremely rude andand told me that he did dot believe me because we had some very cold days. He then told me that I had to pay a service charge if the unit was working properly. I told him that that wouldbe OK with me. But then he accused me of refusing to pay aprevious repair bill at a rental unit of mine. After I toldhim that he was misinformed he put me on hold, and, after waiting for some time for him to return, it became obvious that he had no intention to make an appointment for a technician tofix the unit.
Product_Or_Service: 02/28/2013

Desired Settlement
I want All American to honor the warranty by either repairing or replacing the unit.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** *****
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ******
Feb 28 2013 All American installed new 13 SEER 2 TON split heat pump with attic insulation $5650.00
June 22, 2013 cust called no air conditioning tech foundshort in circuit in thermostat wire, repaired , unit cooling properly NO Charge
July 13 2013 no air conditioning RENTAL
All American tecnician diagnosed problem and replaced 25/5 capacitor Rental property cooling properly Customer was quoted $275and dropped to $250 for repair Customer and technician debated over the price and ultimately the part was removed and the unit was not cooling when tecnician left

After Part was removed ,customer was informed the charge would only be the $85 service call to his property
Member/customer did not pay
Tenant was informed of decision by All American technician
Member owes $85 for service call to his rental property on July 12, 2013
Now Complaint on PERSONAL HOME
Feb 4, 2014 This is the unit installed new by All American on Feb 28, 2013 This unit came with a factory 1 year labor 10 year parts Warranty
Still within 1st year therefore this does apply
This homeowner, our customer, stated that his thermostat was set on 65 and tempwas 65 Tech then asked him if you change the setting does the temp get to that setting Homeowner answered yes technician informed him that it seems like it is working properly
Technician service manager explained that in the warranty papers it states that if a service call is made and nothing is wrong with the unit then a charge of $85 would apply Customer agreed
tech was informed that this customer had outstanding balance of $85 over 7 seven months overdue. Customer was informed that he still owed us $85 from a previous visit to the above referenced rental property back in July of 2013
The technician told him that he would have to pay the $85 owed for his rental property prior to tech coming to his home(personal home)today
Customer said tech was mis informed and he did not owe anything.
After calling homeowner and discussing complaint Homeowner felt that he should have been invoiced and pay bill at office Customer and I agreed that technician should not have told tenant that her landlord would not pay I agree Something else could have been said while a resolution was being reached
Also the new unit at the personal home is working well I/All American asked him if he wanted to continue being a customer of All American and customer said yes
After talking it over RESOLUTION is to write off the $85 as some misunderstanding and some bad judgement on the part of the technician and a little lack of followup on our part(All American)
All American hopes to continue servicing this customer in the future and customer agreed.It is also understood that in the future all monies are due at the time of service We do not invoice customers.

12/16/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I had a HVAC unit installed last year. When I first tried to use the AC, it didn't work.
I had a HVAC unit installed last year, although I wasn't sure my old unit was repairable. When I tried to use the AC for the first time, it didn't work. After some difficulty , I had someone come out and repair it from All American.
I had to take two days off of work, to be there for the repairmen. He said it wasn't installed properly. While there , he preformed the first service follow-up.
The second service check which was supposed to be before the end of October, never happened. I sent a email through the All American website requesting the service, but did not get a response.

Desired Settlement
I would like to be contacted by someone at All American and would love to be compensated for having to take time off of work to be at my home for a repair that should never had to be made, if it would have been installed properly to begin with.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** *****
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
10-04-2012, All American Heating and Air gave an estimate to replace an old unit.
10-05-2012 Installed 2 ton 13 SEER split heat pump
Goodman factory warranty-1 year labor 10 year parts and All American Heating and Air-1 year free maintenance agreement
04-19-2013 Seven months after installation and with unit working during the fall and winter of 2012 and into the spring of 2013 All American received a call from Mr ****** stating he turned on his AC and it did not cool.
04-19-2013 Technician sent to home repaired cracked solder joint, pressure tested system with 300 psi of Nitogen, system held pressure test; vacuumed out system, held vacuum, recharged with 7.1 lbs of R410-A No leaks,system cooling properly Also tecnician performed Spring maintenance washed coils, changed filters, checked all electrical, checked amp draws, checked capacitors. All working well. One visit left on Maintenance agreement for Fall-Winter of 2013
11-27-2013 All American notified by Better Business Bureau that Mr ****** wanted compensation for taking two days off work back in April of 2012 waiting for our technician to come.
Response: Mr ****** called on the 19th of April 2013, and requested that we not come between 11am and 1pm that day. Our technician arrived on that same day at 9am and left at 10:55am. Mr ****** signed the invoice that all work stated above was performed to his satisfaction.I do not know why Mr ****** missed 2 days of work for this repair.
There was NO CHARGE as he was under his free maintenance agreement provided by American Heating and Air for all new installations.
Nov 27, 2013 in a complaint to the BBB,Mr ****** states that he emailed us back in October 2013,through our website. I did not see this request from Mr ******.
I apologize for not getting out to do your remaining visit on your maintenance agreement. We will come out to your home at your earliest convienence.
Please call us at XXX-XXXX and we will schedule your visit. Of course if you have a "no heat" problem,call immediately and we will take care of that.
Response as to "not installing the system right to start with" and "having to be at home for a repair that should never had to be made" Mr ******, A cracked solder joint is not uncommon .There are literally hundreds of solder areas on a unit. Your unit did work properly for seven months and we responded and repaired the problem on the same day of your concern.We checked the entire system out for you on that same day April 19, 2013.
We value you as our customer and want to continue providing for your heating and air needs.Please let me know if you have any other concerns and please call us to schedule that remaining check up on your unit
Stay warm and have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

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