EZ Pass Scam

July 21, 2014

Everyone wants an easy button and scam artists are no exception.

According to Cleveland 19 Action News, scammers are targeting EZ Pass customers with an email scam designed to get access to your personal information. 

In this case it's the Ohio Turnpike. Officials are warning EZ Pass customers about an email scam called "EZ Pass Info." Don't fall for it. 


"This type of scam is never ending and they're often using the names of well respected and well known agencies," said Sue McConnell with the Cleveland Better Business Bureau

The email claims that the customer owes money and asks them to click on a link and download the invoice. McConnell said that's a bad idea.

"If you click on a link you could be downloading vicious software onto your computer or it could be taking you to places that try to get you to pay using your credit card number or providing some personal information," said McConnell. 

If you received this email or have any questions, contact EZ Pass customer service at (440) 234-2081.