Senior Management

Sue McConnellPresident
Ericka Dilworth, Director of Trade Services
Christine Roberts, Director of Business Development
Brigid Woodland, Program Director

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Support and Specialists

Sharon Riether, Social Media and Communications Specialist
Pam Anson, Community Outreach Coordinator
Janice Lightner, Automation Manager

Customer Service Representatives

Linda Jaquays, Sr. Customer Service Representative
Cheryl Horton, Customer Service Representative

Trade Specialists

Responsible for maintaining BBB reports on companies, assists with accreditation eligibility; determinations; conducts investigations into questionable marketplace practices.

Barbara Andersen
Lou Tekavcic
Rhonda Whitelock
Ed Streich 

 Dispute Resolution Specialists

Nichole MeansTeam Leader
Melissa Trahan
Aisha Ibrahim
Linda Land

Sirita QueenTrade Assistant
Mary Hanes, Data Quality Coordinator