BBB® Alerts Consumers of Door to Door Meat Sales

August 20, 2014

If you were planning to have surf and turf on the menu any time soon, BBB warns you probably shouldn’t purchase it from someone selling it at your door step.

A BBB staff member in Anderson Township reported a representative from the Iowa Steak Company made a stop at her residence claiming he was selling meat and seafood in the neighborhood and had some leftover product available for sale. Unfortunately for him, he stopped at the wrong house. The BBB staff member told him to leave, made note of the license plate and then called police.

Iowa Steak Company, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa is a non Accredited Business with an F rating and faced an investigation by the Iowa Attorney General’s Office because of false or misleading statements when selling door to door.

The case was settled however, if you, a neighbor or a loved one experience a similar situation, follow these tips:

  • Be cautious of door-to-door meat, seafood and produce sellers. There are legitimate delivery companies of these products. Others try to sell a less than quality product; however, they do so for a much higher cost and emphasize the cost per serving rather than the traditional price per pound which is a much more accurate way to find a better deal. Complaints to BBB also note there is a high quantity of fat/bone/gristle in the product sold to consumers who did in fact purchase from the salesperson at the door.

  • If the seller is pushy, abrasive or abusive - end the conversation and take note. You don’t have to buy anything at the door, give any personal information or even listen to the sales pitch if you don’t feel comfortable. Before closing the door, take note of the vehicle, license plate and if possible, physical description of the person so you can help authorities.

  • Know what is required in your community.  If door to door vendors need to be licensed, ask to see that license.

  • Report it! Let your BBB and the Attorney General know about this type of activity happening in your neighborhood. Especially if you or a loved one has been scammed.

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