BBB® Alerts Consumers of Complaints Against Local Business Owner

April 17, 2014

CINCINNATI, OH (April 17, 2014)A word of caution from your BBB® if you happen to come across the following businesses: 911 Reflective Signs, Ohio Valley Exteriors, Marquee Photography or Shooting Star Photography. BBB has received numerous calls and complaints about them and owner, David Patrick Marrs of Amelia, Ohio.

The primary complaint is lack of delivery on promises made for services or products. To date, complainants report that he has collected an estimated $6,000 in payments from area victims. Here is a brief overview:

  • 911 Reflective Signs: Marrs allegedly approached homeowners in the Cincinnati area last summer with an offer to replace the numbers on their mailbox for $20.  Consumers report Marrs took their money but never returned with the stickers. Some report that they still haven’t received the stickers and have been asking Marrs for refunds since September of 2013.

  • Shooting Star Photography: BBB has received a complaint that this business sold family portraits as part of a fundraising venture for a local firehouse. Consumers expected to receive an 8x10 family portrait in return for their donation. BBB has received several complaints from families stating they never received their portraits, or if they did, the order was incorrect.

It appears Marrs operated two other companies, Ohio Valley Exteriors, a construction company and Marquee Photography, both believed to be out of business. BBB has made several attempts to work with Marrs to resolve outstanding complaints from these companies.

BBB recommends that you always use caution when approached by someone selling services or products door to door and carefully read over contracts or agreements before signing them. Charities, like businesses, are also advised to use to research any company offering to assist with fundraising activities.

Remember, you, the consumer, always have the option to tell the seller to give you a few days before making a decision. BBB strongly recommends researching any business before contracting with them by visiting and reading the BBB Business Review.   


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