How to determine if a website is worthy of your credit card number

February 26, 2010
 Trisha Sefakis | Manager, Information & Accreditation

Have you ever been online shopping and wondered if a site was secure. There are a couple different indicators you should look for. When a site becomes secure, the website url will change from http:// to https://. Always look for the "s" before entering your credit card information. Also check for a closed lock on the bottom right toolbar. Click here for an example. It is important that before you enter any personal identifying information or credit card information. Another vital piece of information you need to check for is a way to contact the company offline. Look for a phone number or an address. Finally you can check to see if the company has a privacy policy. A company collecting credit card information should display a policy stating how they safeguard your privacy. If your company’s website has all these features, feel free to purchase away!

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