How Can A Business Improve Its’ Grade?

February 26, 2010
Leslie Kish | Director, Operations & Accreditation

One of BBB’s main goals is to help build better business. Our new letter grade rating system has provided us with an excellent tool to help businesses improve.

First, it’s important that we have complete and up to date background information about your business, including details about the size of your business. Businesses can supply or update information online anytime.

Since complaints make up 85% of the points that go into the grade, it’s important that businesses consistently treat customers in a fair and dependable manner. And if honest mistakes are made, take prompt and appropriate action to resolve them. BBB understands that businesses get complaints and that what really matters is addressing them responsibly and in good faith. So we offer dispute resolution as part of the complaint process. We also routinely meet with business owners and managers to discuss complaint trends and to brainstorm ways that businesses can avoid complaints in the first place.

A good guideline for business owners is the BBB Code of Business Practices built upon the BBB Standards for Trust, which also serves as our criteria for becoming a BBB Accredited Business

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