Found Money!

February 26, 2010

Leslie Kish | Director, Operations & Accreditation

The Ohio Department of Commerce just issued a news release announcing that they have paid out more in unclaimed funds in Fiscal Year 2009 than in the previous fiscal year. When purse strings are tight, every penny counts.

Unclaimed funds consist of monies or the right to monies that have been dormant or forgotten. These funds are reported to the State of Ohio for safekeeping until the rightful owners can be found. Some common examples include: dormant checking and savings accounts, forgotten rent and utility deposits, uncashed checks, undelivered stock certificates, and uncashed insurance policies.

BBB urges you to be cautious about offers you may receive to assist you in locating unclaimed funds. Be sure to understand the scope of the service that is being offered. In some cases, after paying fees to an agent to locate unclaimed funds, consumers are simply sent information on how to obtain the forms necessary to claim the funds. The Division of Unclaimed Funds offers additional information on professional finders.

You can visit the Division’s website at

to see if you have funds due to you. Or, you can request information in writing at:

Ohio Department of Commerce
Division of Unclaimed Funds
77 South High Street, 20th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

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