Bogus BBB Email reaches Tens of Thousands

October 23, 2008

BBB Spam Email Scam

Another bogus BBB email has been identified. The spam contains a spoofed “From” address to look as if the message was sent by the Better Business Bureau. The message uses social engineering tactics to entice readers to follow a link in the message in order to "register new software and update contact information".

Clicking on the link takes the victim to a page which looks like the BBB site. The site stresses that a digital certificate should be used while browsing the BBB site. It then provides a prompt to download a file called "TrustedBBBCertificate.exe" which is actually a Trojan Downloader (SHA-1 dcefc1fb912d7bb536de3e66d9c5c6c8465f0790). The BBB does not have any applications that you would need to download a trust certificate.

When this file is executed, it takes the victim to another Web page, which is hosted on another malicious domain, for the "Certificate Registration". This secondary site also tries to get the victim to download "TrustedBBBCertificate.exe".  Click here to see an example of the email.

The BBB advises you to be on the lookout for these types of scams replicating not only the BBB, but other reputable organizations. BBB advises you to go directly to a company’s website rather than clicking through to the site from an email. For more information on these types of scams please contact your BBB at 513.421.3015 or visit

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