6/20/2014 The owner is lazy/leaves when he wants to, unfair buying prices. Would not sell your military equipment here! Will not even give you half of what your stuff is worth.
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by Freedom Fighter on 6/20/2014 | Submit a Customer Review


Comment from the Business I am sorry that I was not here at the time that you came in to sell your items, but owners do often have business to attend to that may not allow them to be in the store at all times. I highly recommend calling ahead before you bring in items to sell to assure that I will be in the store at that time, or to make arrangements for when I will be in the store. As to paying for what item are worth I assure you that I always give fair offers for the items offered. As I was not here the day that you came in I can not say what the value was, which is why I always recommend calling ahead and coming in when I am here. If you would like to bring your items in when I am here I would be more than happy to look at them. by on 6/24/2014

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