10/18/2013 My family and I experienced outstanding customer service and kindness from two of ***’s store staff on Saturday October 12, 2013 at the ***** and **** location in Phoenix, Arizona. One of my mother’s best friends suddenly and surprisingly passed away two weekends ago. The memorial for her life was to be held on October 12, 2013. As a special tribute to her friend my mom made a unique “girls memories” vase to hold some special items and flowers. When deciding what florist shop to go to we decided to skip a florist and go to the ***’s store at ***** and **** (4707 E. **** Blvd. Phoenix Arizona 85028) because the floral department there is so big and offers such a great variety. Upon walking into the store we placed the already decorated vase on the floral counter and began going through the fresh cut flowers to decide which ones would look best in the unique vase. That is when ****, one of your floral workers working at the desk, chimed in to help. We had explained the situation and the unique vase to her. **** was so incredibly sweet, friendly, and helpful. She talked with us about what flowers would look best giving us her opinion but not pushing the flower choice on us. Additionally, she told us a little bit about the flower choices we were making and how the flowers would spread out once put in the water. Her kindness and gentleness in such a delicate situation for my mother was amazing. But she didn’t stop there. Once we decided on the flowers we wanted **** offered to cut and arrange the flowers in the vase for us! Outstanding service!! She took her time and gave the vase and the flower arrangement such care and thoughtfulness. She really understood what it meant to my mom and respected the situation and the memory of my mom’s friend! I really didn’t think we could have had a better experience. But then another floral worker, ********, came out and also assisted **** in making sure the arrangement was perfect. Helping to delicately add water to the wine glass in the vase and being so supportive. I could stop there but there is actually more! My family and I were also in need of large boxes for a project we were working on. So while at the floral counter we noticed some big flower boxes by the trash. We asked **** and ******** if we could have the boxes. Of course they handed them over to us and even went out of their way to go in the back and bring us some more! I can’t tell you how much my family and I appreciated the warmth, care, and compassion your employees show us that day. I always love coming to the ***** and **** store because of the great variety the store offers. I have always found your staff there to be so courteous, helpful, and customer service oriented….but our experience two weeks ago at your floral counter tops it! I cannot say thank you enough to **** and ******** for being so understanding and helpful! And…thank you to ***’s for hiring and training such outstanding and amazing staff!!
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by Della M. on 10/18/2013 | Submit a Customer Review
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