11/7/2013 I received a call at my work from National Fraud and Investigation Services from a Ms.******* ****. The number she called from was ************, she stated a owed on a pay day loan back in 2009. That I borrowed $500.00 and now owe $1688.00 (which included legal cost & loan). She gave the bank supposedly I used and gave me the routing number. Ms.Lane claims they sent me a certified letter and named the addresses (which are my old + current address)but I never received ( I did not confirm any of the addresses to her I just replied OK). I never received any notices, I never had a bank account at the bank she mentioned (oh yea she mentioned like three different banks. Kept saying no wait this bank, ah no this bank)The routing number was false. When I ask her to send copies of debt owed she refused. I ask for address location of the office she refuse stating it would jepordise the employees. There was nothing that she could provide. The excuse she gave was that all documentation is with a company called coastal processing. Ms.Lane states her company is connected with the FBI etc. This is really not right for these people to try and scare someone for money. I am now reporting this to the appropriate authorities.
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by k p. on 11/7/2013 | Submit a Customer Review
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