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Why Become BBB Accredited?

BBB Accreditation is a privilege shared by over 8,000 businesses and charities in the BBB serving Chicago and Northern Illinois 19-county service area. These organizations have shown they’ve met and agreed to maintain high ethical standards set by the BBB, and are recognized as trustworthy and honorable establishments with which to work.

Trust and Credibility

The Better Business Bureau, with its 100-plus years of consistent consumer service and reliability, is a trusted source of information about businesses. Businesses who utilize the trusted seal on their marketing and website showcase to consumers that they are ethical in the marketplace and provides them a competitive edge.

Reputation Management

As more and more people begin to distrust review forums that never vet their comments, they turn to the BBB for accurate information about companies, prior to purchasing.

Direct Referrals

Customers come to the Better Business Bureau website specifically to look for accredited businesses to buy from, meaning that accredited businesses are reaping the rewards of this traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

The BBB is a followed link and is so trustworthy that its information is downloaded directly as a curated directory, even more valuable than a common citation.

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BBB Testimonials

"It takes a long time to build a good reputation and just a short time to lose it."

-Dennis Ontaneda
VP of US Sales Operations, Combined Insurance

"My company has an A+ rating. That's value to my customers."

-Kenneth Williams
Owner, The Shred Authority

"Even after you sell a product, it’s still key to provide customer service."

-Cindy Chiappe-Kay
Client Sales Executive, Deluxe Corporation

"The BBB has helped my business grow."

-Roy Spencer
President, Perma Seal