Better Business Bureau Alert: The Lady Luckk Organization

May 15, 2014

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Chicago and Northern Illinois is alerting consumers about The Lady Luckk Organization LLC, NFP due to serious unanswered complaints about charging money without services being performed.  The Lady Luckk Organization LLC, NFP according to its website, is a non-profit business that provides a variety of services, such as housing assistance through homeless prevention, rental assistance and subsidized housing programs.

The BBB Business Review on The Lady Luckk Organization indicates an F rating due to unanswered complaints. The Illinois Secretary of State Corporation File lists the business’s incorporation status as “not good standing”. According to documents, the business is located at 710 – 712 East 47th Street, Chicago, IL 60653.

Recent calls from consumers to the BBB claim that they have applied for assistance from the business, providing all the requested information and paid the fee and received no services in return.

“Individuals who may find themselves in situations where the need is extremely important, such as finding safe and affordable housing, may act too quickly” said Steve J. Bernas, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois.

“Often they believe because the business is a non-profit organization they have nothing to fear and that’s far from true.” Bernas added “If you want to avoid problems it is just as important to check out a non-profit as you would any other business”

Cynthia Nute, who was a client and former employee of The Lady Luckk said: “I contacted Lady Luckk as a client, paid the application fee, attended a workshop after which time I was hired as the receptionist.  I worked for them from September thru December last year and received two paychecks both of which bounced.”  She alleged that “the owners would get the application fee in cash or a money order and tell the applicant that it would be six months to a year to find the housing. But after the initial contact the applicant was never contacted again.” Nute stated this also happened to her. 

Lysha Johnson also contacted the BBB. She said: “I paid the fee and provided my Social Security Number, birth certificate, and driver’s license. But since then I have been unable to contact anyone at the agency and was not permitted entrance when I went back to the business.” Ms. Johnson also claimed “a relative of mine put in an application and instead of paying a $35 fee, they paid $50.”

Before you sign-up for assistance from a non-profit, the BBB recommends:

  • Research the organization and its services. Go to to obtain the Business Review on the company and check its BBB rating.
  • Listen and read. Make sure you understand what is expected and what services will be provided. Listen carefully at meetings with organization representatives.  Take notes. Read the entire agreement including the fine print.
  • Get a signed agreement. When you determine what assistance you need and what the organization can provide, get the information in writing.
  • Obtain a timeframe. Know when the services will begin and when they will end.
  • Understand your obligations. Know exactly what is expected of you to fulfill any agreement.
  • Pay by credit card and retain receipts. It is preferable to pay by credit card for your protection. Paying in cash or by money orders increases your chances of being ripped-off. 

For more information about non-profit organizations and registering complaints, visit


The BBB is a non-profit, non-governmental organization.  It is supported by businesses to protect consumers against scams and other unethical business practices.  The group accomplishes this by educating both consumers and businesses, and by highlighting trustworthy businesses. By developing reports and ratings on businesses and charitable organizations, the BBB encourages people to use these as resources and referrals to utilize the free services before making a purchase or donation. The BBB helps resolve buyer/seller complaints through its alternative dispute resolution process. In 2013, the BBB provided more than 22,600,000 instances of service.  Over 80 percent of consumer complaints to the BBB were resolved. The Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois is a member of the international BBB system that services the United States, Canada and Mexico.