The Chicago BBB list of reported check scams and advance fee lenders

April 03, 2014

In order to make specific information more accessible to consumers, the Chicago and Northern Illinois BBB is providing the below list of currently active Advance Fee Loan scams and check scams. This list will be updated as time goes by with new scams as they come to our attention. Where possible, each listing will link to a corresponding BBB reliability report where consumers may view further information where available. 

It is of critical importance that consumers understand the following: Most of the names on the list are made up. They are names of non-existent companies created for the purpose of lending legitimacy to an otherwise fraudulent offer.Unfortunately in some cases, scammers will find the name of a legitimate company and act as if they are that legitimate business, for the sole purpose of creating a false sense of credibility. All who view this list should be specifically aware that the below names and phone numbers are pieces of information that have been found on checks sent to consumers, or paperwork accompanying these checks or other scams. 

Check Scams 

The check scam attempts to defraud a consumer out of their own funds from a bank account to which they have access. This is accomplished by sending a consumer a check of some sort, which the consumer is asked to deposit in their bank account. There can be any number of justifications for this action. Some examples are:

  • Consumers are told that they have won a lottery, and the check is to cover fees of some sort.
  • Consumers are asked to “mystery shop” a money wiring service, using the check funds for the process and for payment.
  • Often seen at online auction and classified sites, consumers may be sent a check to pay for an item being sold, but for (usually convoluted) various reasons, the buyer needs to send the seller more money than the item actually costs. Also referred to sometimes as an "overpayment scam".

Once the consumer has deposited this check in their bank account,they are asked to wire funds onward to another person, for various reasons related to the above points, such as mystery shopping, payment of taxes or fees, or to pay “shipping” in an online auction/classifieds overpayment scam.The catch here is that due to various banking practices, it is possible for a check to appear to have “cleared” the bank anywhere from immediately to 10 days later, when in reality the bank is still investigating the check. The end result is that when the bank discovers that the check has no funds behind it,or is a fraudulent check, any funds from that check will be removed from the victim’s bank account, leaving the victim responsible for any funds spent,including those sent by wire. This is true even if as a result, the victim’s account must become overdrawn by hundreds of dollars. 
To summarize, the key “red flags” for this scam are: 1) being sent a counterfeit check for any number of reasons, and 2) being asked to deposit this check and send a portion of the funds onward by wire transfer. 
For more information on this and other similar scams, please visit 

Advance Fee Loans 

The advance fee loan scam is a simple one. In the United States, per Federal law it is illegal for any business to request up front fees for loans.These fees are often referred to by a host of different names, such as taxes,processing fees, insurance, or collateral. Regardless of what they are called,these fees are illegal. The Chicago BBB is aware of many victims of this scam paying their requested advance fee to the scammer. However to date the Chicago and Northern Illinois BBB does now know of a single circumstance where 1)consumers have received their loan, or 2) consumers received their advance fee refunded back to them.


The List 


The following is the ongoing list of currently active scams by name. This list will be updated to add new found entities and names, and to remove older inactive entries. Where possible, the name entries link back to the relevant BBB Reliability Report. After the list of names is a list of reported phone numbers. Consumers browsing this list should be advised they can hit Control + F on their PC Keyboard to search this page. This can be used to search for a specific name or phone number for which a consumer may be looking. 

Acco Financial/World Lending Group
Ace Cash Advance
All American Cash
All Credit Lenders
Alliance Capital Financial
Alliance Loan Referrals
Alliance Premium Financial Group Inc
Alston &Dean Premier Financial
Alterna Referral Services
American Capital
American Corporation
American Financial Choice
Ascentric Prime Choice
Astra Financial,C/O Domains by Proxy
Atlantic Lending American Corp
Atlantic Paxton and Willis Equity Group
Atlas Funding Corporation
Barrister Group LLC
Bartell Financial Group
Baypoint Lending Group
Beaumont Investment Group
Beckford nancial Group
Berklane Financial
Best Choice Financial
Bridge StoneLending Group
Brookside Equity
Brusco Solutions
Capital Gain Lending Group
Capital Lending Group
Capital Source Financial
Capitol Referrals Services
Cascade Falls Equity Group
Cash Advance America
Centuria Lending of Chicago
Charity Clearing House
Chicago Commercial Capital
Clarkson Financial
Clearview Equity Group
Cloverfield Lending Group
Coastal Financial Services
Coleman Lending Group
Corporate Credit Funding, Inc
Credit Advisory Alliance, LLC
Crimson Lending Group
Culligan and Associates
DARR Financial Corp
Deal Mart Corp
Demand Marketing Corp
Dermon Investment Group
Direct Financial Services
Easy Loan Financial
Ellison National Finance
E Loan Financial Services
Emerald Marketing Group LLC
Emerson Equity Group
Ensure Financial Service
Enterprise Financial Services
Everis Consulting
Fairway Lending Group
Finance America Lending
Financial Solutions International
First American Cash Advance
First Business Financial Solutions
first cash advance
First Loan Acceptance
First Rate Financial
First Step Lending
Firstline Financial
Fortune Group
Fortune Savings and Loans
Freedom Exchange Lending Group
Fresh Start Lending Group
Glendon Financial
Global Trust Credit Group
Green Leaf Financial
Greenwich Finance Co.
Hartland Financial Services, Inc.
Haverson Investment Services Limited
Home Guard Funding Ltd
Horizon Lending Services
Horning Financial Group
Huron Financial Group
Illinois Lending Corp.
Imperial Financial Services
Inner Money Connection
Insta Cash
Instant Financial Services
International Monetary Concepts
Interstate Currency
John Hancock Group
Levington Lending Group
Liberty Capital Credit Corp
Liberty Financial
Liberty Financial Advisors
LRU Financial
Majestic Lending Group
Mega City Loans
Mercury Trust
Mid America Mortage Financial Services
Middle Class Financial
Midwest Alliance
Milestone Alliance
Monarch Services
Monument Lending Group
Munik Financial Group
Naperville Financial Planning and Lending
National Award Release Headquarters
National Commercial Mortgage Funding, Inc.
National Home Trust, Inc.
New Credit Association
North American Financial Resources
North American Loan Services
North Rock Lending
Northern Consolidation Group
Northern Inc
Northfield Lending Group
Northstar Lending Group 
Olympian Financial Services
Parkview Financial Group
Patriot Financial Loans
Precision Financial Corp
Prime Capital Resource Center
Prudential Lending
Remax Financial
Research it for me
Ridge Lending Group
Rockford Trust Capital
Sapphire Lending Group
Special Loans
Total Marketing Group, Inc.
Tri-State Financial Services, Inc.
Trident Solutions
Try us International
United Lending Services
USA Benefits
USA Payday Loans
Williams Credit Consulting Inc
World National Lending
World Wide Consultant Group
Yorkview Financial Services

Phone Numbers allegedly associated with the above names: 
866-241-0502, 847-608-8539, 847-551-1053, 630-499-8679, 866-445-9342, 888-832-1148, 877-256-0692, 877-840-3606, 888-796-6288, 866-786-5010, 800-577-4137, 347-562-2648, 888-666-2608, 866-775-6874, 888-405-3376, 866-917-6640, 800-704-0276, 866-834-5343, 888-813-5676, 877-823-5252, 888-560-2947, 866840-3810, 800-221-8769, 877-281-1083, 866-202-0191, 866-699-3089, 877-245-6821, 877-318-3416, 866-991-3264, 888-482-8753, 312-362-5912, 877-420-1505, 877-897-3243, 877-884-1615, 630-462-5555, 800-270-7198, 877-280-3111, 647-831-3142, 866-517-4481, 866-287-6608, 888-208-9582, 888-619-9497, 888-545-9314, 800-496-8958, 877-717-9633, 877-280-0270 ext115, 866-681-1281 ext 529, 888 453-9240, 866-237-0146, 708-447-9303, 888-300-8987, 773-235-5500, 877-437-9389, 866-431-6494, 877-257-8266 ext295, 847-933-0800, 888-281-5439, 877-238-5157, 888-788-8340, 866-896-3843, 416-368-0325, 866-445-9347, 866-253-0887, 773-849-5060, 800-903-5750, 866-611-6398, 888-886-5238, 800-963-1078, 773-250-3525, 773-722-2274, 877-885-1583ext 311, 773-250-3202, 773-381-6777, 877-717-9630, 877-852-3661, 888-270-1416, 866-927-9084, 866-537-7501, 800-615-9607 ext201, 888-234-1743, 888-791-4336, 877-260-0755,  866329-1555, 630824-1300, 888-235-4960, 877-560-1077, 708-647-9866, 877-281-1082, 877-432-8692, 888-235-4964, 289-892-2842, 708-216-9733, 866-616-3461, 866-583-4840, 877-420-1499, 800-467-0610, 877-304-9880, 888-243-2981, 888-223-6187, 866-504-3148 ext498, 877-367-0128, 866-398-3670, 888-236-0624, 877-621-3159ext 198, 877-554-0484, 866-956-1987, 630-271-1414, 647-881-2790, 773-701-4022, 888-275-4406, 312-498-5606, 800-809-5986, 708-614-1175, 800-925-7217, 866-390-6567, 877-430-9518  



If you have sent money to any of the above entities, please contact the IC3, the Internet Crime Complaint Center, at ,as well as Phonebusters, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center, at