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BBB Request a Quote

Accredited Business
123 S. Wolf Road
Wheeling IL 60090-4841
Roofing Contractors
BBB Accredited since 2013 for 3 years of continuous accreditation.
About BBB Request a Quote

TalkLocal will send GL Roofing your quote request by phone but will not share your direct contact information. Instead, if GL Roofing is interested and available, TalkLocal will connect you through a secure line right away. Just enter your name, number, location, and a detailed description of your needs (e.g.: "Fix my A/C", "Build and addition to my house" and so on). Then, stand by to hear from GL Roofing very soon.

If GL Roofing is unavailable or disinterested, the Alternate Pro feature will find and connect you directly on the phone with a similar business that can help. Talklocal analyzes business ratings/reviews, call analytics, and social standing to find a similar pro in your area, giving priority to other BBB Accredited Businesses. As always, the top matching business will receive your service details by phone and connect through a secure line if interested.