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Accredited Business
653 S Vermont St
Palatine IL 60067-6949
Heating & Air Conditioning
BBB Accredited since 2010 for 6 years of continuous accreditation.
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TalkLocal will send Unique Indoor Comfort-Palatine your quote request by phone but will not share your direct contact information. Instead, if Unique Indoor Comfort-Palatine is interested and available, TalkLocal will connect you through a secure line right away. Just enter your name, number, location, and a detailed description of your needs (e.g.: "Fix my A/C", "Build and addition to my house" and so on). Then, stand by to hear from Unique Indoor Comfort-Palatine very soon.

If Unique Indoor Comfort-Palatine is unavailable or disinterested, the Alternate Pro feature will find and connect you directly on the phone with a similar business that can help. Talklocal analyzes business ratings/reviews, call analytics, and social standing to find a similar pro in your area, giving priority to other BBB Accredited Businesses. As always, the top matching business will receive your service details by phone and connect through a secure line if interested.