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17 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 6 closed in last 12 months
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Billing / Collection Issues3
Problems with Product / Service14
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints17

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Complaint Resolution Log (17)
03/17/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details


Desired Settlement

06/12/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

property **** ********************** XXXXX all i need was a motion/ approval letter judge granted back in january 2014 for different property the seller decide cancel in feb 2014 she wanted more money. so i email bill buster the new attorney is LORINA Hernadez who does not take phone calls always busy never listen to voice mails nor reply to email. it only take a couple of days this matter should be completed before the holiday.

Desired Settlement
just want a motion letter/ approval for my home

Final Consumer Response
From: ******* ******* <**********>
Date: Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 1:55 PM
Subject: Re: BBB Complaint Case# 94502723 (Ref#XX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-X-XXX)
To: "Better Business Bureau (Do Not Reply To This Email Address)" <***********>

Thanks they have resolved the issue

02/26/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

******* *****
*** **** ***** ******
Chicago, IL 60628

January 16, 2014

*** ******* of ******* ** ******, *** PC
Bill Busters
105 W. Madison Street - 23rd Floor
Chicago, IL XXXXX

Re: ******* *****
Extortion request of $865.00

Dear Mr. ******:

I am totally amazed and furious at your recent statement to me saying I owe you $865.00. For what???? You did no work for me - I never returned to your office on Western Avenue, you filed now bankruptcy documents on my behalf and, in fact, I negotiated a settlement with my creditors without your office.

I called your office after and requesting my down payment back stating I had changed my mind about the bankruptcy and was told I couldn't have it back. This was astonishing especially since your ads always said the consultation was free. This has been more than 3 years ago because all my bills are paid in full - NO THANKS TO YOU!!!!

I want my initial deposit returned to me in full and a statement from you saying that you know you didn't do any work for me and I don't you a penny.

Should I not hear from you within the next 21 days, I will turn this matter over to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. From what I've read, I'm not the only one who has problems from your office. Maybe we can all get together and file a class action suit. Just because you're an attorney, does not give you the right to rob people.

I look forward to receiving my deposit back as well as a letter saying I owe you no money.


******* *****

Desired Settlement
Please see copy of letter I sent on 1/16/14 lited above.

09/12/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My fathers bankruptcy case needs to be filed asap. It has been over a year since we met with their office. My father received a summon to appear in court (discover card) on 8/16/12. Case still has not been filed. There will be a judgement against him if his case is not filed.
This office has mishandle my father's case. I want his case to be filed. This is what he paid for.

Desired Settlement
I want his case to be file and handled properly. We paid for a service we are not receiving. If he receives a judgement against him they should be held accountable.

Business Response
Client's daughter, ******** *******, has filed a complaint re: the handling of her father's case. This is a very complicated case and we have spoken with both ******** *******, her father, and another daughter. Due to the complexity of the case, we have found another way to assist the client in regards to the judgment. Our efforts continue and we have been in constant communications with ******** ******* and believe that you will find her satisfied with the progress of the case.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
The above information is correct.They are working with me to get my father's case resolved. Mrs. ****** has been great in assisting me and keeping me informed.

***** *******

02/26/2013Problems with Product / Service
01/28/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Chapter 13 Case #11BXXXXX was signed on by me on 8/8/11. I signed for $1109 per month, which has been a struggle for the past 24+ months. Recently I was notified that I owed over $4000 in past due pymts. A court date was set for 9/10/13. I asked to be in court as I know I signed for $1109 but was talked out of it. I assured him I have everything that I signed. The letter I received alleged I signed for $1845 for 5 yrs. I did not! I would have to become homeless in order to pay that. I would NEVER knowingly agree to something I couldn't handle! No responsible entity would wait over 2 yrs. to tell someone they are paying $736/mo. too little! The Sr. Atty said he would be going for a continuance date on 9/10/13 and there was no reason for me to come. I complained to him constantly about the fact that I sent their office all increases in medical obligations and in my mortgage to Atty **** ****** and nothing was done on my behalf. I received a bunch of false promises. The Sr. Atty,******* **** asked that I trust him and give him a chance. He said that Atty **** ****** was no longer with them. I did trust him and now my case has been dismissed and I am even more stressed out! From day 1 the case was botched. I told the Sr. Atty in the interview of all the extreme medical bills including my upcoming shoulder surgery 8/29/11. After that, I had to undergo physical therapy for 9.5 months straight-3 days per week. The therapy, medication and transportation was very costly! I forwarded all documents to them in early 2012 when my mortgage increased by $150 monthly as well as the unanticipated medical bills. I was told, "we can go to court to modify the plan." Well, it has not happenened 27 months later. Once I received the letter stating my case was dismissed, I repeatedly called Billbusters trying to find the Sr. Atty whom I trusted and was always told he was in a meeting or in court. Then, I started asking for ******* ****** (the owner). He was always said to be in a meeting. I did not let up! One day I was finally allowed to speak to ****** ****, the Sr. Atty. He promised to go to court and try to modify my plan. He told me not to make another payment until I heard from him. He said he needed some check stubs, and I sent them to him right away. I told him that they were not accurate as the overtime hours stopped. He told me to send him a couple of future stubs when they become available. Meanwhile, there was a government shutdown (I am a Federal employee). Everyone knows that there was no pay during the shutdown. I had to go to work everyday in hopes that the Congress would pass legislation to pay me eventually. Noone in America should have missed that! Apparently my representatives did as my case was dismissed shortly thereafter. If it was because I did not send additional stubs to him, there were none! After the dismissal and once I was "allowed" to speak to him, I immediately faxed stubs to him and expained to him about the shutdown. Meanwhile, what responsible firm would ruin a client's case when they can call or have someone call me at one of the 3 telephone numbers they have on file? They have called and reached me before with my problem. This whole thing seems like a scam to me! He/they saw that the original atty assigned messed up my case and I suppose they are covering for him. Hopefully, I am wrong and this will be rectified. I was optimistic because I had an "in-person" meeting set up with Atty. **** on November 15th. Someone named ********* called and cancelled that and assured me that after his "341" meetings he would definitely call me. 1 week has passed! The creditors are calling me again. Collections is sending harrassing mail. Attorneys are soliciting my business. I paid in good faith for services from a "reputable" firm. That is what I am still expecting or a refund. I have asked to see how my money was dispursed so far to no avail. I am sure they have taken theirs first. Help me! This is serious!

Desired Settlement
The cash settlement I am seeking would cover all of my money that they have taken for themselves and the trustee! I am not keen on starting another 5-yr plan as this has been a horrible 27 months. 7 years would be devestating! They should be able to go back and correct the $1109 to a lesser amount as they are the ones who mishandled my case. Or, the next 3 yrs should be such that I can live with the ability to pay my mortgage, heat, gas, lights, maintain my almost 10-yr old car, maintain my 29-yr old and have money for medical treatment and necessities. I cannot pay another firm to properly handle what they were paid to do.

Business Response
In response to Ms. ******* ******* complaint, I offer the following:

On or about August 1, 2011, Ms. ***** visited our satellite office to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy on her behalf.

On August 8, 2011, we filed a Chapter 13 petition for relief Case Number: 13 B XXXXX. Ms. ***** had what is known as a "step-plan" in her bankruptcy case. It is called this because at a fixed point in time, her payment increases due to circumstances outside of the case. In her specific circumstance, Ms. ***** was repaying a loan, and once those payments were complete, the money she was using to repay that loan then needed to pay towards the balance of her debt. Her plan called for payments of $1,109.00 per month for 20 months and $1,845.00 for the remainder of the plan.

On September 4, 2013, Ms. *****' case was up for dismissal. Attorney **** left a message for Ms. ***** to inform her of the status of her case.

On September 5, 2013, Attorney **** was informed by Ms. ***** that she could no longer afford the payment. Attorney **** informed the client to send in an updated financial record as evidence for a motion to modify her plan.

On September 10, 2013, the matter was continued so that Attorney **** could review the Debtor's paystubs which were faxed to him at the last minute. After review of the paystubs, Ms. ***** income proved to be more then sufficient to maintain her current payments, but Ms. ***** disagreed.

On September 23, 2013 Ms. ***** indicated that she would send in other updated paystubs showing further decline of income. Ms. ***** also requested a copy of the payout information from the Trustee at this time, this was emailed to her the same day without delay..

On October 8, 2013, the matter was up in court, but continued.

On October 29, 2013, the matter was up in court but again, no updated stubs had been received. Subsequently this matter was then dismissed notice was sent to the Debtor of the Dismissal.

On November 6, 2013, Ms. ***** contacted the office irate about her dismissal, accusing the firm that it was their fault the payments been missed. Attorney **** advised that he could vacate the dismissal order and have her case reinstated if she delivered the missing paystubs. Those stubs were faxed in on November 7, 2013.

On November 7, 2013, Attorney **** reviewed the paycheck stubs whicht again showed that modification to a lower payment was indeed impossible due to the amount of income Ms. ***** was earning. Ms. ***** was advised of her options, of which were to move forward with a higher payment, or to start over at a lower payment. Ms. ***** did not agree with these options, and wanted to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy instead. She advised her expenses had risen and she had "gotten used to a certain lifestyle".

On November 8, 2012, Ms. ***** faxed the necessary documents whereupon Attorney **** reviewed to see if a Chapter 7 was an option, and due to the very high income of the Ms. *****, it was not. Attorney **** informed Ms. ***** of this at which point she wanted to see again how her money had been applied in the Chapter 13 case and believed that our firm had neglected the case.

On November 15, 2013, Attorney **** set an appointment for Ms. ***** to come into the office to review everything face to face at 11:00a.m. Ms. ***** advised she would be taking an extended lunch to be able to make the meeting. Attorney **** was attending a 341 meeting for another client at 10:00am and was running late. He called the office to his if the office assistant could set a rescheduled date for Ms. *****. Ms. ***** refused to reschedule at that time and asked that she just be called back at a later date. Attorney **** has spent the majority of the week outside of the office in court and at creditors meetings and was unable to contact Ms. ***** again at this time. The representation of Ms. ***** did in fact cease with the dismissal of her case, and Attorney **** was forced to focus his attention on the clients of the firm.

Attorney **** was more than willing to work with Ms. *****, but it now appears that is no longer the case for Ms. *****. Ms. ***** was represented by this law firm for over two years, the firm's fees were granted by the Judge in her matter, and no refund is warranted.

Very truly yours,

******* ** ******, ***

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The majority of the response is not true. But, I am trying to get the case continued and have been talking to ******* ******, as his Sr. Atty is not talking to me at all.

10/18/2013Billing / Collection Issues
09/23/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

On 10/02/2009 I began the filing of a bankruptcy with ******* ****** Bill Busters organisation which I have been told is commanded by an individual named duane Jones. I paid in full for the bankruptcy in full on 1/19/2010. The fees totaled up to $1219.00. I was told at this point i needed checkstubs that i wasnt able to obtain due to me being incapacitated and unable to enter my jobs building in that state. This process took a few months to realize it wasnt working. I attempted to cancel then. I spoke with ***** ***** as he persuaded me that it was in my best interest to not cancel, but rather continue to finish the filing. I attempted again, patiently waiting to return to work to retrieve the information needed to continue the process. I have not been accepted to return as of yet. I once again called ***** ***** to explain my scenario and once again request a cancellation of my chapter 7 bankruptcy. This cancellation was requested on July 25, 2013. On this day, I was told by ***** ***** that I needed to personally come to the building and write a statement with date/signature/and personal information. duane Jones was slightly reluctant to accept my document. As he accepted it he asked may he call prior to filing to cancellation to see if he may be able to assist me in my financial hardship. I agreed to allow the call. I was told he would call me that day or the next a.m. The following friday i called due to me never rcieving a call from ***** ****** At this point he reminded me of the approx. $250 non-refundable fee, for the third time. I told him I understand. Shortly after, he states that he has lost my confidential paperwork, but he thinks its in my best interest to continue to file. ***** ***** also states my account is virtually at a zero dollar balance because of all of the work they have done. They havent done any work. They dont even have my phone number right. I requested a print out of all deductions taken out so I may know an exact dollar amount, not an approximation. He told me he is unable to do so, but to just be aware all of my money is virtually gone. I told him I still have the receipt with the actual agreement and figures. At this point he began to get slightly unprofessional and very difficult to talk to. I was told by Duane Jones that this time I needed to fax in the same paperwork that I just filled out in person with him and upon completion, he would send the papers I requested from the financial department. I requested to financial departments number and was told that I cant speak with anyone about this but him, because he is the highest in command. Hes not even a lawyer. I complied and faxed the paper he requested the very next morning during their normal business hours. It is now a week later, and I strongly believe ***** ***** is attempting to either force business upon me, which i believe is illegal, or hes trying to keep all of my money even though I have agreed to the non returnable amount way in the original contract that he as well as i have. Please help me get my return back, as I am in an extremely diffucult hardship just trying to stay afloat. I have explained this to ***** ***** numerous times via our conversations. I no longer believe he cares about my situation, just me leaving my money with his company.


On today, Monday, 8/19/2013 @ approx. 3:15p.m., I called ***** ***** to once again attempt to find out the amount I have in my account and to attempt again to have my balance refunded. It has been nearly a month since I first requested a refund on 7/25/2013. Today, I spoke with a secretary in the office prior to speaking with Mr. Jones. I didnt get her name, but she asked me did I want to cancel my bankrupcty. I stated that I have been attempting to cancel for a month then she transferred me to Mr. ****** When I spoke with ****** I was told that I had'nt received a financial statement showing my balance because his financing department is so busy that they no longer have time to do balance checks, only filings and cancellations of bankruptcies. I said what, how is that if thats one of the entitled services. He told me that I may call him again on the week of sept 2, after the holidays to check back again.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking a timely refund of my money

Business Response
My apologies for the delayed response to this complaint. I recently returned from medical leave and it's taking some time to get caught up. Please be advised that I have prepared an accounting for Mr. **** and issued a refund to the client. The refund has been mailed to the client today.

03/17/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

On Friday, December 19, 2014, I had a free of charge consultation for bankruptcy options with, ******** ****** (legal assistant), that is when she informed me that I would be eligible for bankruptcy protection and would only be required to pay 10% on the cost of my bills. This seemed like a sure fire plan, as it would allow me to get my car back, pay down the little bills I have, and allow me to have peace of mind as I rebuilt my credit.
As I would be able to pay a reduced amount (10%) of what I owed on my bills and a reduced car note. I provided ******** with my Credit Karma credit report, (which showed my bills that were approximately no more than $4,000 of unsecured debt and a car loan for $6,000 totaling $10,000). I showed this to Bridgett so that she could provide figures for what I would have to pay monthly on the bankruptcy, so that I could understand how it would be advantageous for me to choose the bankruptcy route and pay the Chapter 13 fees of $3,853. Because the fees were so high (compared to my overall debt), I was apprehensive to go the bankruptcy route. However, I decided to move forward as I was promised bankruptcy protection and only having to pay 10% of my debt (eliminating 90% of what I owed). Based on the 10% figures quoted to me by Bridgett, I made the down payment (for the filing fees of the bankruptcy only) on Friday, December 19, 2014 and schedule my closing that would take place with Attorney ***** ****** on Tuesday, December 23, 2014.
On December 23, 2014, I met with Attorney*******, and she told me that everything looked good on my bankruptcy paper work and that we could proceed with the Chapter 13 bankruptcy with the 10% figures quoted. This is when we continued with the paper work. As we finished with the paper work, just as I was standing up about to leave out, Attorney ****** noticed that she made a mistake on the quote and that she did not check the equity in my car against my debt. This is when she said that I would have to pay 100% of my debt instead of the 10% originally quoted. I immediately called my mother, who informed me not to proceed and this is when Attorney******* told me to go home and think about it (all while on the phone with my mother, who heard everything). When I arrived at home I called her immediately and was told by the receptionist that Attorney******* was unavailable and that she would call me back by 6:00pm. I never received a call.
The next morning I called the office and left another message for ********* who I first spoke with and Attorney ******* but never received a call from neither of them. This is when I spoke with a receptionist by the name of ****** ******** (client services) and she informed me that I needed to write a letter officially cancelling my contract and to fax it to their office.
I faxed a letter to their office on the 24th of December. ****** informed me that after the cancellation was sent to their office, that I should call ***** ***** (who would process the refund). When I called *****, I had to leave a voicemail for her. I never received a call back. I called her several times, but received no call back. On Monday, December 29th, I spoke to a representative who said ***** left notes on my account that said I would have to wait 30 days for a refund to be processed, since my services were being cancelled (even though a bankruptcy was never filed).

Desired Settlement
After waiting patiently for 30 days, I did not hear or receive anything from their office. I called their office near the end of January, allowing 30 days to pass. I left messages for *****, but had yet to receive a call back. On Monday, February 9, 2015, I called and left a voicemail for *****, informing her that I would be filing a complaint with the ******** Attorney General as I have not received a call back or my refund after a period of over a month. Next thing I know, I received a call from ***** that same day. This is when ***** told me that she was working on my refund and it would go out by the end of the week. Because so much time had passed, I asked ***** to verify how much my refund was and she told me that she had to process the refund first and to call her back to check the refund amount. When I called her back, she told me that I would be issued a refund for $112.00. This is over a month after I cancelled the service, and when I asked her why I was not getting a full refund, she said that I was charged sit down fees with the attorney (fees that were never agreed upon). I told her that was unacceptable, as this was a mistake due to the law office and that I never would have sat with the attorney if it was not for the initial offer they gave me. She then informed me that she would need to get a full refund approved by the attorney and that I would need to wait for a week to receive my refund as all checks would need to be signed by the managing Attorney (******* ******), who was out of town until the following week.
In my opinion, while Attorney ****** mentioned that she made a mistake, this was negligence on the law firm's actions and I believe she possibly knew that I would not qualify for the 10% Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Knowing that this was negligence and not my mistake I should be entitled to a full refund. This is clearly an error that could have been prevented, as she is an experienced attorney, bankruptcy is granted essentially based on an individually debt to equity ratio. This is something that takes less than 5 minutes to evaluate.

03/13/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

On June 14th, 2013 I went in to bill busters and filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy case number XX-XXXXX, at the time of my filing I inform attorney ***** ** ****** that over the summer I will not be working. Ms. ****** tells me she will take out more money to cover the almost three months that I will be off. We continue with the paperwork and all is filed, in September of 2014 I receive a call from **** ******* telling me that I am behind in my payments I ask how and the attorney ********* tell me I have not made a payment in almost three months, so I inform him of the conversation I had at the beginning of my case with attorney ****** and he says no that was never entered into my case, so attorney ********* and I began a new plan to take to the judge to get my payments caught-up. He files a motion to go before the judge and goes in on my behalf. On January 5th, 2015 attorney ****** went before the judge and my case was reinstated and I received a letter of that reinstatement one week later, but now as of February 18th, 2015 I am being told that this reinstatement never happened. Please help me and thank you.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking reinstatement of my bankruptcy and no knew charges from **** ********

09/30/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We contacted business in Jan 2013 for financial advise concerning our debts. Met with Atty ***** to discus our concerns. We were not pass due on any of our bills, but had student loans payments that were due soon. Stated we could file Chpt 13 but that the loans were not dischargeable. We understood. He advised that we buy a vehicle because we wouldn't be able to buy for 5 yrs. We were given a to contact to consider, and was told to "stop throwing our money out the window"-stop paying bills because we're filing Chtp 13. When debtors call give their contact.

We did as advised-purchased car Feb 21, paid for & took required class Feb 28, met with Mr ****** on March 4, to pay $1,000 and give certificate proof that we took the required class. He stated that we would file by March 31 & restated not to pay our debtors. We received no calls from Bill Busters for the rest of March. Called in Apr and spoke to Atty ***** asked that we fax current check stubs,& said that we had to show trustees that we could pay our car note. Told to wait until Apr pymt showed paid then we would schedule closing. Nothing happened in Apr, although we called often. We received call on May 13 from ******* requesting check stubs again for March to May along with pension. Info given by May 17. We received no calls in May. We were not contacted until June 15 to schedule closing appt after we called many times checking on our status. All of our creditors have closed our accounts because of none payment. This is what we was advised to do-don't pay our debtors.

We finally met with Atty ********** person reviewing our files for the final closing. We were told that we would pay 100% of our debt in 5 years, but that our payment looked a bit high and that she wanted to contact senior counsel regarding our account. Received call before end of June asking for more info regarding our monthly bills. Info was given. Still to date nothing has been filed. We've called and recalled, contacted both Attys ****** and ****** via email and phone. Mr. ******** called to setup an appointment with Mr ******. Young lady stated that she could not contact him to setup an appointment. 7/29 Mr ****** called us around 5pm. We were interrupted and he said he would call back later. He didn't call. We called again from 7/30 to 8/4. Mr ****** called on 8/5. We returned his call but he was busy. He stated that he would call us back. To date, 8/12, no call or no email contact.

Our credit is now ruined. All of our credit cards are closed because of non-payment and we cannot setup arrangements with our creditors because they have in our records that ******* ******-Bill Busters is handling our account.

They've had our records since January and has had more than enough time to tell us that they would not be able to assist us. We could have continued to pay as we were since filing Chptr 13 is the same and setup an arrangement with the student loan agency. We would not have the extra debt of a car payment and insurance expense.

Desired Settlement
We do not want to file Chapter 13. We want to be made whole-per se. We want refunded the $1000 we paid for their service, $20 paid for required class, past due with interest payments submitted to all of our creditors along with a letter explaining their inability to assist us.

Their motto is "Get Some Sleep Tonight" but we have not slept good since May. This concern weighs on our heart and mind daily. We've never sought bankruptcy counsel before and we didn't know what to expect, however we didn't expect this. We want our relationship with ******* ******-Bill Busters to end!

09/30/2015Problems with Product / Service
08/12/2015Problems with Product / Service
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