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Using BBB Dynamic Seal
BBB Accredited Businesses Can Link Their Website to Their BBB Business Review

Congratulations! You have earned Accreditation from your BBB and joined a community of businesses committed to marketplace ethics. Surveys show that 98% of consumers are familiar with the Better Business Bureau name/logo and at least 70% of consumers prefer to buy from a BBB Accredited Business. So, don’t keep your BBB Accreditation a secret; let people know!

How? You may advertise your Accreditation using the widely-recognized BBB Accredited Business seal and/or the words, BBB Accredited Business.

Where? You may promote your accreditation in the following ways:

  • At your place of business with BBB Accredited Business window decals, certificates and tent cards.
  • On business documents including your letterhead, business cards, envelopes, sales proposals, quotes and invoices.
  • On your vehicle(s) with BBB Accredited Business vehicle magnets.
  • In traditional media including yellow pages, flyers, direct mail, newspapers, billboards and television or radio spots.
  • On your website, email signature and digital media sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can link your BBB Accredited Business Review to your social media channels to gain more followers and increase awareness about your business.

Use the hyperlink. When you use the BBB seal online, be sure to create a hyperlink to your BBB Business Review. To obtain a digital BBB seal and information about hyperlinking to your review, please call Isabelle Powell, BBB Business Relations Consultant, at 704-927-8641.